America's Next Topmodel Cycle 24 Episode 9 – Beauty Is Movement

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In this Video:
In the midst of movement and chaos, the models must master
the art of motion whether it be on the ground or in a parachute.
This photoshoot looks really stunning!

-Who didn’t get blown aways from the wind?? ( Tag your favorite Modelsl)



-ANTM Cycle 24 Episode 8



I. Lost In You



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Enjoy it! Thanks!


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36 thoughts on “America's Next Topmodel Cycle 24 Episode 9 – Beauty Is Movement

  1. how can that be the best photo? as i look each episode somethings really odd those photos are not that really best photo to look at? whats happening ANTM 🙁

  2. If Kyla and Jeana get out, none of them are gonna be successful models. None of them are as good as kyla and Jeana

  3. Top 3 will be Jeana, Krystyana and Rio.

    Liberty will be back this week. But will be sent home after the 2 weeks.

    This week Shanice will be going home then Erin, then Liberty, then Kyla.

  4. is it just me or did shanice take way better photos than the one they chose? like her dress looked so weird in her final photo but in the clip she's striking amazing poses

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