Another Top 10 America’s Next Top Model Makeover Meltdowns


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These “America’s Next Top Model” makeover meltdowns turned on the waterworks. For this list, we’re looking at moments from the hit reality series when models were given makeovers and the end result was tears… lots of tears. Our countdown includes Natalie Pack, Eva Marcille, Brenda Arens, and more! MsMojo ranks another “America’s Next Top Model” makeover meltdowns. Which meltdown brought you to tears? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. If there's a makeover meltdown you thought would be here, make sure you check out our first list of the Top 10 America's Next Top Model Makeover Meltdowns here:

  2. As a natural redhead, I am upset that they make these red weaves look awful on these girls. They look so cheap! I would be terrified to get a makeover on this show.

  3. I get that they are models and are mostly hired based on looks, but why given them styles and colours that really dont work on them? Would that be a hindrance or am I wrong?

  4. Melrose was pathetic. Her brown hair was dull and her makeover was pretty great. For God's sake, that indian girl had to go through a REAL pain while her hairline was fixed and Melrose made a whole drama about new color

  5. And this (among other reasons) is why I REFUSE to watch the actual show, and just watch it through reaction clips, vids like these, and other means. This show is so gross on every single which way. They use this stuff for shock value, and it is so sad and disgusting.

  6. Tyra is just playing with these girls during make over episodes..common she can't force the girls if they dont want that hairstyle but they have no choice which to follow what tyras want.

  7. The #1 pick is STUNNING bald. Legitimately, I don't even mean it for the sake of being nice. My jaw dropped when I saw the reveal.

  8. Aren’t models supposed to look natural? When they cut their hair it makes some of the women look older…

  9. Eva already had short hair. They styled it better so don't get the tears. I can understand the girls with realy long hair but that…

  10. In their defense, Bianca’s hair was badly damaged so it would’ve broke off eventually anyway. At least their way it grew back healthy and even

  11. Elina’s makeover was ridiculous. That hair and color were just not the right for her. Same thing with Brittany’s.
    I am surprised you didn’t feature cycle 16 Molly’s makeover. Now that was a trainwreck

  12. Jeana actually came out with why she had her break down too, and it wasn't all because they made her bald

  13. This has always bothered me so I just have to say my piece. I always thought it was SUPER offensive that when Eva (S 3) heard she was getting a super short cut, whined and cried like other girls but then said she was upset because she would "look like a little white boy"
    It was offensive since she was clearly saying "little white boy" as a slur since there was nothing in length that differentiated btwn black or white. Saying she'd look like a boy PERIOD would've been just as effective.
    The fact that it was never addressed but just totally glossed over like it wasn't a big deal was even worse. Imagine if Cassandra or Katie said I don't want to look like a little black boy? You know damn well it would have been a HUGE thing and they would've been just roasted but Eva says it and meh nbd. So annoying.

  14. Which is worse: a little split-end or flunking a test at school? A single pimple on one's face or a bad report card?

  15. This is just something I do not get. Modeling and the industry is harsh, it has always been. Its literally just people telling the model how they want them to look. And all off a sudden people are surprised by the makeovers and manipulations. I'm not saying that I think its right the way models are being treated but if you can't handle something like that than maybe just don't be model because it just wont suddenly change.

  16. Melrose blonde made her look older. Elena with red curls wasn’t bad but they should’ve kept that gorgeous black hair with those eyes. Eva was a smart choice. Kara with that plantain blonde hair was one of the worst!

  17. did they really lecture her about not trusting them…by giving her a very good reason not trust them? Where is the logic 😩

  18. The fact that they removed jeanas wig is complete and utter bullshit and I feel that the real reason was to increase ratings and publicity, not to “embrace and be free” ugh its sickening to see antm stoop so low

  19. They did Kari dirty with that hair. I get what they were going for, but the color was all wrong. They even did it as a weave, so they had total control of how the color turned out

  20. ever noticed how like they could of always gave each girl a fabulous makeover but normally they give the girls horrible looks on purpose to humilate them, and would only bother giving the girls a good look if they were one of their "favorites"

  21. Its an exploitative reality TV show.
    Like every reality TV show.
    Why are any of us shocked by it's body-shaming, racist, EXTREME ageism?


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