ANTM 13 – 1st 2 to Go: Amber DePace AND Lisa Ramos


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I think they are both very talented and I wish I could see Lisa going further. But I think that was a fair elimination anyway.
Wish I could’ve seen more of Amber, though.

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  1. so cool to see that Lisa made it and proved them wrong 🤟 Good for her 💖

    about Amber – I think they could have told her to just drop the act and she would have made it so much further & maybe her career could have been……. more of a career 😅

  2. This season was full of contradictions, first all models appeared in panel without heels , but in photoshoots they had to look taller if the clients"wants them to look taller" that tyra and producers always wanted bc in every photoshoots asked them to look taller, and with. Sundai, tyra made her a hair cut after make over, but in her photoshoots 90 % of her photos sundai used a long wig ,

  3. Can you please do a video on Laura James cycle 19 or India Giants cycle 23 ( They are both my favorite winners) Thank you 😊

  4. Lisa is by far my favorite of cycle 13. Aside from Nicole and Ashley. I was so mad she went home first. It’s interesting how the only two Dominican girls to ever get on ANTM were both sent home first. With the other being Angelia in Cycle 16.

  5. I love Amber, she was a bit over the top but the cycle would be so fun with her, and she had alot of potential, she dont look that short since her limbs are so long, i was so annoyed whe she didnt appear and Lisa was in her place

  6. Amber was an actress? She must have been up and coming, I don't remember her in anything. Also why eliminate her for that if Saleighsa (spelling) wasn't eliminated for being a Wendy's commercial and won?

  7. Amber was a actress nothing bad happened to her it is so obvious she was acting she already had plenty of funny lines up her sleeve Tyra did it to make the short cycle more funny and interested maybe to give it a fun twist since it was the first petite cycle. To make the viewers keep watching it and it worked because of her I was excited to watch the second episode and seen how beautiful n fierce Nicole was n ended seeing the whole season.

  8. I spoke to Amber a few years ago when she had social media. I didn’t know her personally but we correspond through social media.

    I didn’t ask her about top model BUT I did ask her if she still believed in Jesus. Turns out she does and we had countless conversations about the Bible and faith.
    I haven’t spoken to Amber since she shut down her social media about 4 years ago I want to say, BUT from what I remember she was doing LOTS of modeling. I think she may have also done a little bit of DJing related work too. She also was a hardcore animal rights activist who fought for ethical treatment of animals, another thing we talked about. She also had a dog whom she posted about a lot. she even created a social media account for him where she posted photos of him and the message of treating animals with kindness (she shut down that account too I believe).

    I don’t know where Amber is now in the world of 2020. I just hope she’s happy and healthy. She might pop up on social media again someday, so stay on the lookout.

  9. Lisa is so beautiful. She deserved better. There was NO reason to put her in a small square platform for the photoshoot that just limited her movement. They wanted to get rid of her tbh.

  10. Lisa had a lot of potential. I saw her post-antm photos and they are amazing. I think she is the most successful 1st eliminated girl.


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