ANTM British Invasion: Episode 5 Call Outs by Annaliese *maple syrup shoot*


Yes it’s another one! Another call out video where I share what order I would have called the girls in if I was Tyra Banks (If only Lol!) Best photo right down to who should have been eliminated. This is call outs for Episode 5 of America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion. We shot in Canada after our time at Toronto Fashion Week, dripping in yummy scrummy maple syrup with only leaves to cover our decency!

I agreed with some of the judges decisions but also was highly confused by others! If you disagree with me too its all good! Just make sure you keep it positive in the comments below!

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P.s Forgive me for any mistakes in this one… it was edited very late at night!


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  1. I still remember how Jay Manuel is living for that animalistic vibe that you're giving during the shoot. I dont think you deserved bottom 3 :(((

  2. It always bothers me whenever the judges kept on placing you near the bottom of the bunch even though you stand out a lot considering your bookings during your go sees and your infectious personality. Love your reaction videos Annaliese, keep 'em coming! 😎👏

  3. If i were to rank the photos

    1. Ebony
    2. Azmarie
    3. Catherine
    4. Laura
    5. Seymone
    6. Annaliese
    7. Sophie
    8. Kyle
    9. Alisha
    10. Ashley

  4. My callout order would be
    Laura (the top 3 all killed it, anyone of them could’ve had FCO)

  5. I love that you are doing a fierce gasping-for-air look in most of your photos, like the, Hello Kitty and vintage American cars photoshoot. It makes your photos dynamic and full of life. That might well be your signature pose.

  6. I'm not mad on the call out order. It was right on the nose with the challenge u included. It seem fair but seymone was really beautiful. Her place was yeah the challenge bringing her down. The bottom two u choose was correct. Applause for u and can we agree that u can be the host for antm here.

  7. You are such a brightness in my life! Eboni's photo was so incredible. Stupidly perfect. Again, one of those weird times that I agree with Kelly. Her body is Matisse-like in it's movement. I have Dance in my room and Eboni unconsciously pulled from the way he depicts the human form. Gorgeous. I would have bumped you up to around 3rd or 4th myself, but other than that, totally agree with your call out order.

  8. My photo call out :
    1.Eboni (Ebonee now)elegent with great movement, every part is working.
    (btw, Eboni's maple shot's movement or hand gesture kinda looks like Macau tower shot ,But te face is a lot different)
    2.Laura I think this shot is amazing , the fierce eyes ,with interesting angle makes this shot a unique point.
    3.AzMarie 4. Annaliese
    This two shot have common is animalistic wonderland, looks super hot and sexy ,the reason I put Az a little higher is because she has more tension. But Annaliese rock s as well.
    5.Catherine I kinda confused why she is the close up shot…in this shot she demure , strong eyes looks like a geisha mix model in this shot…But I review the recap and this shot is looking for interesting movement. So that confused me. BUT this shot shouldn't ever be in b2
    6.Seymone fiercely real yes this is a great shot but the top 5 has their own strength ,so I put her here…
    7.Kyle I smell a little bit one trick pony in this shot(big doe eyes )plus her movement is a little boring…
    8.Sophie that evil eyes… is not a fierce eyes.. she looks like she is pissed off wrong tension for me
    9.Alisha again dead with no smizing eyes… with no tension…even her arm s…
    10 Ashley I think she is not there but we can see her potential just a more movement more smize more something …

    But adding challenges my call out


  9. I’ve always wondered cuz I knew you had a weave issue this season… was that all your hair in the photo? If so, you got a lotta hair! Haha why would they give you more? 😝

  10. Woah, I would've at least put you up before Sophie and Kyle for sure. Your face is so gorgeous in the pic! I loved Seymone and Catherine's for sure, but you do have to put performance into consideration, yeah

  11. I actually would put Kyle and your photo above Sophie's photo!! I think the serene and calm yet sensual was captured by Kyle better than Sophie and your photo had more attitude with the better pose and shoulder with the open jaw than Sophie's awkward arm and estranged look. I will put her in the bottom 3 along with Ashley and Alisha.

    I also think Seymone was rightfully placed here even without considering she booked no jobs at Toronto fashion week. I think her pose was a bit uninteresting, and her face was pretty but its not giving any emotion.

    Other than that, I agree with the rest of your call out! As always, great content Annaliese!

  12. Catherines Photo was very impressive but also YOURS, I might be bias but you gave me live with those eyes and poses. Disagree with the judges and would have put you on the top 5 even before Kyle, as she looked bland to me. Cant wait to see the episode, where you have the Go See and I wanna know ALL the gossip and juice :.) Thanks for the uploads, they give me so much entertainment plus your behind the scenes inside is amazing

  13. Gosh. Eboni worked it on this. I will say however that she does not look 30 never. She looks sexy af and they said nothing about it this week.
    I will say that when I watched this new, I did not like Laura very much. Now I cant even reason with why I thought that. She moves so well.

  14. This is really a good content! I am totally agree with ur ranking. Goodjob! 😊👌🏻

    P.S you should make other segment like this!

  15. Annaliese, I had to stop in the middle of the video to comment this – you got the top 3 spot on for sure, but your photo is definitely a solid 4th, or even 3rd tied with laura! Head and shoulders above Sophie's for sure. That face is divine and the pose is dynamic. It definitely feels way more alive and more energetic than Soph's or Kyle's

  16. I said it once and I'll said it again: THE JUDGES WERE SO UNFAIR WITH YOU AND CATHERINE! Many times you both were called way latter than you deserved! I'll never get over it!

  17. Love this video 2 So fun to watch & good how it talks about different models how thay changed there lives by doing someting great like this will always be fun to watch Love you all & God bless


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