ANTM Cycle 3 – Eva and the Tarantula


America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 3 (2004)

The remaining 7 girls do one of the most iconic photoshoots of the show.
They have to pose for a jewelry ad– with a tarantula. Eva is the title of the episode.

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  1. This is so scary 😱 If I had to do this then I would have tried my best to to win the competition or it would have been nothing.

  2. I am TERRIFIED of spiders even the lil ones. I couldnt do it. Even though i no a it cant hurt u its an irrational phobia

  3. I wanna punch people that make fun of others with a phobia. I’m not scared of spiders, but I understand the fear of something that makes you cry – leave her tf alone damn

  4. As someone who broke her leg because there was a spider on the bike’s handle, I totally get Eva. Other girls being all judgy is so annoying. Phobias are not something one can joke about. Even though it may be irrational fear, negative emotions and extreme anxiety experienced by the person are very real

  5. The paramedics are there because you could get secondary infection, also when the tarantula is in defense mode they can shoot the hairs from their body like projectiles.

  6. Everybody was talking shit about Eva being scared of the spider but ended up with one of the most iconic beauty shots of all top model…and she won the whole thing.


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