Ashley Graham & Drew Elliott Explain This Week's Nude Photo Challenge | America's Next Top Model


The contestants all receive makeovers, giving them each an iconic look. Ashley Graham stops by the salon while they get done up to explain the next photo challenge…. which involves nudity.


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Ashley Graham & Drew Elliott Explain This Week’s Nude Photo Challenge | America’s Next Top Model



  1. Stop nudity! Don't promote nudity as body positive or beauty! Nudity is for yourself at home or for your husband once you married! Shanon from Cycle One of ANTM stood up for this matter back in her original cycle and she also refused to do it on All stars!

  2. OMG TO HAVE A SHOOT WITH ELLEN my dream. SO much these girls must learn from attending this. ANTM was one of the things that inspired me the most to be a model as a little girl as well!

  3. ANTM IS SHADY. they put the nude shoot os always put into the cycle because there is that one girl who will not pose nude

  4. Tash reacting like that makes me think that maybe she’s in denial about some gender identity crisis. She actually had to say to herself that she is a “girly-girl” & not just act like she normally did, not letting her physical appearance affect that

  5. Ashley is not a model… she has horse teeth and she's overweight and her eyes remind me of a rat. I don't get the appeal

  6. Not happy with this season's makeovers episode there is no before and after moment and the makeovers shot personally I don't like the black and white theme I wanna see those hair color though

  7. check out my comedic recaps of ANTM episodes 1-3 on my page!!! episode 4 will be here soon 💘💘💘 subscribe to me to stay updated!!!

  8. drew looks like he has been in the tanning bed to long he needs a serious makeover, Ashley just a pretty lady she makes those skinny model look too skinny.

  9. I hate how ANTM still does those really obvious, awkward yet annoying voiceovers!!! They've changed the whole panel and network but that's one of the things they still bring over??? Smh -_-


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