Asia's Next Top Model Season 2 Episode 1


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  1. I hobestly think jessie's elimination was too soon i mean the models should first get at least one proper solid episode of challenges before elimination begins

  2. The one girl from Ph is so annoying.

    When she said she came from a poor family.

    Me: Did someone ask you??

    Also me: Maybe she thinks she can win because she is from poor family like all those people who won on reality shows/ Talent shows. 🙄

  3. I’m so glad they counted our asian countries that are Indian and more, cause usually when they think of Asia they just think of those pale East Asians such us Japan koreans Chinese Malaysians etc.

  4. Not in Asia please they all have their problems. Idk I just think a Top model competition is good and don’t get me wrong Asian people are over r the world gorgeous but the pressure get them .

  5. I thought Jessie did a great job in conquering her fear of water. I think if that was anyone, he/she would be scared to even attempt something like that and might have not done it. I hope she changes her mind on thinking she did a bad job because she was very brave.


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