August Chat | This Olde Thing, #FreeBritney, and More


Wow, so much has happened! In this video I’ll talk about why I took a break after everything with Luca, #FreeBritney, my weird history website ThisOldeThing, Protests and Postal Service. Love you guys.

There are a lot of references in this one! If I missed anything, ask me in the comments! I tried to list these in order I mentioned them for convenience.

1. Shandi Sullivan “Shanthrax” t-shirts from America’s Next Top Model

Where we question history

3. New petition to bring justice to the cops who ended Breonna Taylor’s life and more

4. My video on Britney Spears and Marilyn Monroe, reading Marilyn’s letter from a psych ward:

5. Britney Spears Foundation Timeline (I started it last year but am updating if you have any new info)

6. Timeline by Leanne Simmons on the entire conservatorship (constantly updating!)

7. More helpful Britney accounts to follow:

Britney’s Gram the podcast hasn’t been updating as much but I think they’ll return soon

8. US Mail Not For Sale



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  1. In case it helps, let me tell you that I have 6 whole months of travelling in different points of my country already filmed, ready for my spanish channel, but I cannot find the time to edit them. I'll look way younger than I am, the day I upload it. lol So you're not the only one who doesn't film and upload. It's better to just film, edit and upload. Makes you feel like the job is done. But doesn't always happen like that.
    We're kinda living in a really weird era, huh? And it can be worse or way better, depending on our decisions. Trump is a soab. I hope he loose, but I also hope that removing him wouldn't justify voters to vote for any terrible candidate, just because Trump needs to be removed.
    Looking great, by the way 🙂

  2. 1:10 "there is a crazy person…no… wait.. that's insulting to crazy people…. Okay so Trump is …" LMFAO Love that! As a crazy person myself, I appreciate not lumping us together with that evil spawn. 😉 I'm so sorry about your dog. Just lost my cat of 19 years. Amazing how much that hurts. Keep doing the videos, we all need distraction from this crazy year. It keeps us from going full tilt bananas. It is useful just to have something to watch. It's hard not to lose your mind keeping up with the illegal stuff Chump is doing but try to keep the faith, the election is coming. Also, being emotional is not dramatic. It is honest. It's part of the human experience, don't apologize or berate yourself for it. Glad I found your channel and will be heading over to your website.


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