Bang Bang Con Day 2 Showed Me This! | BTS (방탄소년단) – 'Outro: Wings' | Reaction


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Bang Bang Con Day 2 Showed Me This! | BTS (방탄소년단) – ‘Outro: Wings’ | Reaction
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  1. Hey Charlie follow @ilsanqueen on twitter, she's a good theorist. She explains it really well and shes just so incredible

  2. Jin was turning back time to save the members thats why on the euphoria mv he just on the water instead of v, he wanted to save the members bcuz they died. Suga died bcuz he set his motel room on fire, jimin died bcuz he drown himself on thr bath tub and skdbjdbsueh its just so much too explain lol

  3. It probably sounded different because they used a live band during their concert. It would be great really Charlie if you react to their albums. You will understand things more and discover more amazing bsides. BTS' bsides hit differently, it's both as good as their title tracks. You Never Walk Alons is also a bop and inspiring song from that album. Anyway, react to RM's Mono as well. Please listen to it from the first track to the last one. It's a masterpiece.

  4. Charlie I need you to listen to this song from BTS it is so speaking to me right now. Once you hear it just will some up what is going on in the world right now. BTS hitting with realness in my life and the beats is slamming and the whole song is so outside of the bts wheel house. Its called Am I Wrong

  5. This soundtracks from their game are also super good, try it:

    Brand New day (BTS ft. Zara Larson)
    All night (BTS ft.Juice Wrld)
    Dream glow (BTS ft. Charli XCX)

  6. Can u react to all night by astro? It's so good and the chorus is lowkey such a bop and the video is the most aesthetically pleasing video I think I've ever seen, it's so good! U need to see it lol

  7. I don’t understand why reactors watched bang bang con. Ur supposed to react to all these live performances in videos.
    So now when u watch things or listen to things it’s not ur first time and it’s not a genuine reaction

  8. I thought you didn't want to get into the BTS universe yet so you were avoiding the storyline MV and short films.

  9. I love watching your decent into full blown Army 💜 Also, in Euphoria we see them saving each other, instead of having those tragic events happen, so what we see at the end is sort of representative of them being in a better place. There is death in the BU but there is not a time when they're all dead. It's an easy takeaway given the visuals, but I promise you it's much much more complicated than that lol

  10. Yes you should start reacting to the songs in the album😆 try
    You never walk alone
    Hold me tight
    Let me know
    Dead leaves
    Whalien 52

  11. Son I CANNOT listen the wings without listening to the outdo version. Jhope killed that end part and the extended edm beat gives me life!! 😫💜💜

  12. yes they do wear reg clothes in the prelude and then white in the euphoria vid. you’re right! have you read the webtoon? it explains why there are always so many changes….

  13. Every time I see you smile, why do I always imagine and think of you?🥺🥺 especially when you react bts your charisma is getting more charming🥰😂💜

  14. You have been a fan of BTS for too long !!! …Its time for you to become an ARMY.
    MAKE AN ALBUM LISTENING PARTY please just go on spotify and work your way through the albums fom 2013 till now I BEG YOU
    There is nothing better than to experience a BTS album as a whole. They tell stories, they all have concepts and a beggining and an end.

    You can take spotify as guide and watch these lyric videos (even though some of them are incomplete or wrong) or pull up the lyrics idc
    They have singles on there aswell. They have japanese albums (90% are "japanese versions" of songs but the rest are original tracks)


    The one with black clothes on, Jin was at the ground with other boy, and Taehyung was the one who is up there.
    In Euphoria, they all wear white and Jin was up there with his camera.
    It’s a wonder concept, what’s next? What is waiting on the way for them? Bc them all have to learn to love themselves before they can embrace themselves, and final, they won’t be in trouble, so Jin could meet all of them up again.

  16. They performed this at speak yourself tour last year!!! You should watch a video of it they are fricken amazing and have so much fun running around the stage to this!!!

  17. Please react to Red velvet album The Red Summer you’ll gonna love it 😍😍 not only the title song but also the b-sides🙏🏻💜

  18. I LOVE this song! One of my favs! 🔥🔥🔥🔥
    I love it so much cause I want these boys to take their wings and fly, and fam, I’m flying right next to them! I love this wings era! 🌎

  19. The BU doesn’t ends in the MVs (I need U, Run, On Stage Prologue, Young Forever, Blood sweat Tears Japanese Version, Wings short films, Highlight Reel, Euphoria) but also in the Save Me Webtoon and the Notes. After you watch the MVs, I recommend you to watch the BU storyline by xceleste. I bet you’ll be shookt. Hahhahaha! You can do it!!!

  20. CHARLIE for a little extra watch the BTS live trilogy III trailer. They remixed this song and it is DOPE you will get so hyped to see them live after watching it ☺️

  21. It’s was “Outro:WINGS” on the “You Never Walk Alone” album when the series was completed😉speaking of which, you need to check out “A Supplemental Story: You Never Walk Alone” the song and “Answer: Love Yourself” if you haven’t already!😒 😃Also other great Outros to check out are “Outro: Purpose”, “Outro:Her”, and “Outro:Love is Not Over”! I’m sure you’ve already heard “Outro: Tear” and “Outro: House of Cards”😅 and yes it was an Outro before it became the full length song “House of Cards” we all know🤨😅


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