Becoming Highlander | Chapter 1: Introducing The 2020 Highlander | Toyota


In this new Becoming Highlander series, take a deep dive into the process of producing the brand new 2020 Toyota Highlander. In this series, get an inside look at the logistics of launching a new vehicle and everything that is involved. Watch more:

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In this #BecomingHighlander series, get an inside look at creating the 2020 Highlander from start to finish.


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  1. Toyota highlander is my favorite suv out there for its reliability and for 2020 a nice Lexus interior it looks so high class. My mom owns a my aunt owns a highlander but is it true that it is the most safest and reliable suv in the world. To me it is one of the most luxurious suv out of a luxurious class. Thank u for making an suv that wont constantly break or just fail on u if I could give toyota a raise thanbi would Toyotaforlife

  2. Yeah yeah yeah when you going to make a big a tundra to compete with the f250s f350 in the big GMC and the big ram pickup trucks that's what we waiting for!!!!

  3. I heard that yall are bringing back the Toyota venza it looks so awsome I'm so PROUD of Toyota and I also heard about a Toyota Corolla cross which is a crossover suv are yall really going to make one


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