BEST WHITE TRAINERS/SNEAKERS 2018 (Adidas Stan Smith vs. Nike Air Force 1 vs. Adidas Superstar)


BEST WHITE TRAINERS/SNEAKERS 2018 (Adidas Stan Smith vs. Nike Air Force 1 vs. Adidas Superstar)

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  1. Just some question does superstar and air force 1 have the same size or air force 1 is a little bigger than superstar?

  2. I am worried that if I get the stan smith's all white and the superstars (all white too) I will be getting comments like "You are wearing fakes" and stuff like that is that a possibility? Are the stripes of the superstar like distinctive enough for people to realise that you are wearing adidas? (By the way if you read this comment and replay I will be much thankful plus I have subscribed to your channel.) ¬Thank you

  3. Mate….. UK man…. "Its trainers"🤣

    I am loving my white leather Converse OX, slim, comfortable cheaper than Stan smiths, all of these are good choices👌

    If you can go higher, common projects quality and style but still close to £100 check out Artisan Lab Essential, margom soles, full grain leather and super clean!

  4. Planning on buying an af'1 (i already have the stan smith), does it have the same size of stan smith or do i have to size down/up?

  5. i have owned multiple AF1's and S. Smith. i have to say s smith are more comfy no doubt. but af1 like so much better

  6. coast star continental 80s and stan smith are the best shoes. Air force looks like a loaf of bread on foot and aesthetics of adidas and iconic 3 stripes makes you more inteligent

  7. i am planning to buy all these but different colors, super star and airforce 1 in all black and stan smiths in white

  8. I have wanted to get all of these, but in the all black color, other than the Air force 1's cause I don't like them one bit, all white sneakers look horrible imo. In fact i have the black Superstar's, which is my favorite, but I've been neglecting the Stan smiths cause I don't care for the look in the white versions, but I like the black version, looks like mini Dr Martens. But I prefer other Adidas models such as the Campus, Gazelle, Samba, Dragon, and the Puma suede, so the Stan smith's have been on the side and i never got to cop them

  9. Hi! I am from Thailand. I think Stan Smith's is not only so beautiful look unique of them but also cool when they are wear on foot. Write colour of them make to be neat look. Yeah! However, I prefer in black colour; they are suit for me who looks bad and mysterious looks. 55!


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