Beyoncé's Choreographer Teaches The Contestants A Routine ‘Sneak Peek' | America's Next Top Model


The ladies spend some time learning a dance routine with Chris Grant (Beyoncé’s choreographer) and then are challenged to choreograph their own moves while remaining model-esque. Find out who shines in the challenge tonight + 10/9c on VH1.


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Beyoncé’s Choreographer Teaches The Contestants A Routine ‘Sneak Peek’ | America’s Next Top Model


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  1. No lie tho but that is my cousin on this show I meet him before but it hard to see him cause he is always performing or practicing.

  2. I remember when he was on Making the Band and didn’t make it. Now he’s dancing for Beyoncé and MJ 😏

  3. "She doesn't scream model to me" probably the most annoying phrase these girlies love to use lol… modeling doesn't have ONE look or a type, stfu.


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