Cherish Defends Courtney When The House Gangs Up On Her | America's Next Top Model


A house divide starts to unfold when Courtney asks for peace and quiet while recovering from an illness.


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Cherish Defends Courtney When The House Gangs Up On Her | America’s Next Top Model


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  1. Why didn't THEY leave for the living room to talk? Rooms are (for the most part) for sleeping… when you have roommates. So rude and unprofessional.

  2. I was thinking if Allison was Courtney in this season, she probably would have just left the room without saying anything and slept somewhere else. That Marissa is something, not in a good way. But generally, the smart thing to do is just walk away and avoid all potential confrontations, especially if the other party is as unreasonable as those 3.

  3. she literally asked to for them to quiet down and they literally told her to shut up and attacked her. I bet if Courtney did that to Marisa everyone would attack Courtney

  4. Umm aren’t bedrooms used for sleeping and living rooms for hanging out??? So why wouldn’t they go downstairs rather than her… 🧐 A girl just tryna get some sleep 🥱

  5. I wish Cherish or someone would’ve been like , “Listen it’s the most adult mature and respectful thing to do when you enter a room with someone sick and trying to sleep. If you were in her situation you would’ve asked the same. Call your mothers and they’ll tell you the same damn thing.”

  6. Yall are in the BEDroom. She shouldnt have to leave to BEDroom if shes trying to go to BED. Yall should of gone downstairs and hung out in the common areas like normal people do. She shouldnt have to sleep on the couch cause yall dont have any consideration.

  7. Marissa was the stupidest bitch.

    That said 'she's so captivating in the face' was clearly a line that was fed to her. She was looking at a teleprompter or something.

  8. I'm not going to lie, I did think Courtney was being the victim, but when I re-watched this, I realize that those other girls were just jealous. Courtney was big competition and the felt intimidated by her beauty. Pretty hurts. It brings out the insecurity in the other girls.

  9. I just found Marissa's YT account. It's Marissa Hopkins. Y'all better spam her that she'll never get anywhere. Let's not let that fcking bully reign

  10. In real life the original models working in industry from cycle 23 are Courtney, Cherish, and Justine lol even India is not working because she looks like Gigi Hadid… Poor :5!

  11. Cherish was robbed, honestly she showed how much of a boss she is just by being able to hold he down, she was ent home too early

  12. she's sick and needs sleep, so she's in a bedroom. these girls aren't sleeping but talking and doing their hair. they should take their stupid asses somewhere else

  13. Bruh all she did asked was ask for them be quiet and that straight up at attacked Marissa screw u, u are so immature u and all the others who attacked her are just jealous that Courtney is beautiful, of course ur all beautiful too but for real?

  14. All i want to ask those girls who attack courtny is "do u hv respect for each other?" Like bro they srsly need some damn manners

  15. We need more girls like that. Those girls are bully's and jealous I bet if the script was flipped those girls would go off on her


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