Cletus McFarland Delivers our New Superjet and We Mod the Trailer! Finnegan's Garage Ep.108


We took a small break from wrenching on cars because it’s super hot in Georgia right now and instead worked on stuff that we could play on the lake with. I’ve had a 1994 Yamaha Waverunner Superjet for about 10 years now and next to my jet boat, it’s the most fun thing to ever rip the water. After searching high and low for a 2020 model Superjet, I found one of the last SJ’s for sale in the USA in Florida. The good homie Cletus McFarland was kind enough to pick it up from the dealer and deliver it to me. I jokingly suggested he use Leroy the Savage to pick up the new ride but I didn’t think he’d actually do it.

Now we have two stand-up PWC and no good way to transport them. So, we bought a cheap motorcycle trailer and modded it to carry both bikes and PWC! Skip to the end of the vid to see the on-water action or watch the whole thing to get ideas for your own conversion.

Stay tuned for a heads-up comparison between the old Yamaha Superjet and the new one soon!

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  1. 12" between bunks on all 96 and up superjets! list of must have mods are worx 228 intake grate, blowsion pole spring, different fingure throttle, factory b-pipe exhaust, ada girdled head with pump gas domes. wake that new superjet up and have fun!

  2. Look into the Diablo metal cutting blades for a grinder. So much safer and last a long time. They might get cloged up with aluminum but no shattering

  3. Hey there I’m new to the channel 🤘🏽🇺🇸 an at 4:36 😪🤣 hate when that happens 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ almost a daily thing for me🤣

  4. You call em step bits, we call em Orange County chopper bits. That’s all they use. Side note, we can get disciplined / fired if we don’t use the wheel guard and handle on the grinder.

  5. Speaking of the death wheel….. Every one I've ever seen is missing the safety guard that comes with the tool. I think it's the first thing people get rid of.

  6. Mike i couldn't understand you where you bought the Chop Saw at can you tell me where I can order the same saw and blade?

  7. Hey finnegan are you still working with hot rod magazine
    Sorry but ive fallen out of the loop since motor trend left youtube

  8. I did the same thing, converted my MX trailer to a trailer for a 650sx stand up. Just make sure you switch out the lighting to submersible, or unplug before you launch.

  9. Right around the 12 minute mark. Finnegan, " just the tip". I lost it, cause we say that at work all the time.

  10. Looong story but with stainless fasteners if you use a 304ss bolt, and 316ss nut, they won't gall due to different alloys.

  11. FWIW if you mark the next larger step on the unibit with a sharpie, you don't have to count or go too deep. The sharpie mark will wear right off when you need that size.


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