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This week on Instant Influencer, the artists are challenged to create their ultimate drag transformation. 💄 Winner of RuPauls Drag Race Trixie Mattel joins us, and is not afraid to drag a bad look. Who has what it takes to become a beauty superstar?

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47 thoughts on “Click and Drag – Instant Influencer

  1. I really don't like Benny's attitude. He seems very self righteous and selfish to me. I understand that he is still in high school but I feel that he was acting a little immature about not getting the pink wig. He felt like he had to explain to Indigo why he needed the wig, as though Indigo would just then hand it to him. That's not how life works sis. I also think, throughout the series that he's a sore loser as well. In conclusion, I just really got bad vibes from him.
    These are all just my opinions, no one has to agree. Also no hate to Benny because I could totally be reading this wrong and he might just be nervous in a big studio with all those cameras.

  2. I love how it’s 5 am and James is like oof it’s early, yet already has a full face of makeup on haha

  3. I love how indigo snatches the wig from Benny but he still lost no matter what,thats karma bitch😂🤣

  4. me: watches
    me: sees this 12:18
    me again: NOOOOOO i studied nails stuff (i forgot what its called cuz its 2 years ago) and noooo thats wrong, moving it side by side might crack your nails you should slide it by one side only, not side by side

  5. Im​ going​ to​ let​ you​ guess​ but….

    One​ of​ the​ looks​ Like​ Madison​ Beer

  6. She’s talking about how she can’t see Benny’s eyes how she can’t see them you can rat least see his eyes a little you can’t see her eyes at all

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