Common After Effects QuickTime & Export Problems & Fixes


Problems with Adobe After Effects? Files not importing? Exports too big? This video will show you how to solve your problems!

1:40 Cannot Import or Export QuickTime Videos
3:30 Many Video Codec No Longer Available
4:55 More Video Codec in Adobe Media Encoder
6:50 Export File Size Comparison & Tips

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  1. Any other problems I haven't covered here? Let me know down below! Also, TIMESTAMPS:
    1:40 Cannot Import or Export QuickTime Videos

    3:30 Many Video Codec No Longer Available

    4:55 More Video Codec in Adobe Media Encoder

    6:50 Export File Size Comparison & Tips

  2. I had installed Premiere pro CC 2018, After Effects CC 2018 in D Drive. Because my there were no enough space in C Drive. But I found the H.264 format is missing. So I installed Adobe Media Encoder CC 2018 in the same Drive. But the Media Encoder is not at all oppening. I found a solution in youtube that, there is a file in SL Cache folder, which is inside the Common Files Folder of Adobe to be deleted. But I am scared to delete the file, because deleting the file can effect the running of other Adobe Softwares. So can you help me please?

  3. i'am having trouble extremly very slow delay while exporting on AE 2020 its actually 20 second intro, the estimated time is horribly 16 hrs , any help please

  4. I have this problem where I exported the video to Encoder. After selecting the output, I click the green triangle. After 20-30 seconds, it just fails immediately. I tried asking my friend who does video editing usually. He said he never came up with that issue before. I tried restarting, exporting and rendering. Still fails after several tries.

  5. idk how to fix this; i add a had clip into after effects and it makes it super blurry, I don't know how to make it hd again for my edits pls help

  6. have have getting the problem in quick time can not play the video in the VLC player of media play what can I do please help me thanks you

  7. I am getting an Error while rendering in QuickTime PNG Format with After Effects CS6 : Rendering Error While writing to file (path) Unable to Open File. (-1610153459)..Please can you help me fix the issue ?
    EDIT : I have a Transparent File and want to make the video size small.

  8. does anyone know why adobe wont render my whole project? Ive done everything im supposed to do and im not a beginner to ae but it wont render my whole project.

  9. Hi, I have a Mac, and I can not render my video because it says that Quicktime does not support it. I did everything you mention. What can I do now? Thank you

  10. Hi there, can you help me out regarding this after effect. I have 2020 after effect recently. I watched few videos and searched but couldn't fix the problem.
    Problem is i can't import any videos or greenscreen videos that i have into the program! I have downloaded quicktime for mp4 videos to work but nothing and did that many times and also when downloading youtube videos i convert them to Avi and i tried MOV so the program supports it but nothing! its frustrating. I just want to make mp4 or any video open in the program but getting the box saying: after effect error, could not read from source. please check the setting and try again. any easy steps to show me? appreciate it.

  11. Alright before I watch this video I really hope you solve this problem. I am so mad I watch at least 27 videos and no one has solve the problem. Ok let’s see


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