Comparing Windows 10 to Windows 8.1


In this video, I compare Windows 10 to Windows 8.1, two visually similar but totally different operating systems from similar time periods.

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  1. can anyone here please help me so ive had my windows 8.1 since 2014 i was wondering how do you g=not get frame drops and get better quality and faster response in video games or when runnning huge files like downloads ect if anyone helps me bless you ive just been really sad of not getting the best gaming experience

  2. I upgraded to Windows 10 Home and it works a lot better than what nonsense every one says about Windows 10 Performance.

  3. I'm going to make a possibly controversial statement, but it's not really the interface that bothers me about Windows 10. I just wish there was as much social change as there is technological change.

  4. I changed to win 10 this month cuz of my new ryzen pc. But I miss 7 already.
    win 10 looks like shit, I can't edit colors for all things is my mayor problem.
    Also the startmenu sucks but I run classic powershell of course, but still I dont like win 10.
    I might go downgrade to win 8.1 cuz at least I can set my colors there + run classic shell there too.
    still gonna miss win 7:(

  5. I like 10, But my pc's spec is not big enough, I upgrade from 8.1 to 10 then 10 to 8.1 because of 10 performance is too slow on my lap top.

  6. WINDOWS 10 IS MY FAVORITE WHY? here windows 10 is great its more looking more elegant and cool looking and plus your files are clean i mean there not dirty im saying your files is not messy plus i love the graphics that they made to windows 10 its more elegant and the paint 3d i love it and microsoft edge i was worried when the google is gone when that i found microsoft edge it keeps your data safe and plus they give you more news than google and store has more game and apps MINECRAFT DUNGEONS its so great thats all


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