Contact Tracing Worked In Singapore & Taiwan — Why Is The US So Behind?


Test, trace, and treat have become three major words when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic, but when it comes to stopping a second wave of COVID-19 cases, tracing might be the key. But while other countries have aggressively traced new cases, the United States is still behind, even though companies have access to location data that could help.


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How Your Location Data Can Help Track And Stop The Spread Of COVID-19


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  1. Just watch Brave New World 1980 movie. Then you will understand that we don't need a world like that in real life.

  2. No, of course this is not needed. Please refuse this and all thermal scanning, if you are not a slave. Type this in google – H. R. 6666. Totally evil bill, don't fall for it. Please refuse, if you consider yourself a free person

  3. I work in a Hot Spot/ Hub hospital in Southern California. The world 🌎 is being lied to at such a disgusting scale. Unfortunately doctors and nurses who try and share the information they have will only be removed or covered up. The mask they force people to wear,, fact causes acidosis CO2 poisoning. Respiratory distress. Almost all patients are having it. I heard about the 5G so I thought I’d test it out. 2.5 million coming from your phones. 1000 is lethal. It’s said that now our phones are cooking our eyeballs like an egg. So many other things to much to explain. The new technology even used for all types of things but definitely cause cell death. I have a physics background and it’s lethal. People actually jumping out of our top floors hospital floors and committing suicide. No media coverage their. These fake test, and people that are already sick 😷 with other conditions!!! If only people would wake up . It’s ashame!!! They’re trying to distract the people while they are getting ready to try and euthanize huge mass population. CERN 5G – plus they signed an agreement with CERN America to host first experiment. No worries other countries in line too to fry . My advice get rid of your phones. Possibly could save your life. I have privileged information.

  4. TNO (Trust No One) [Prd. Sequence] Trip-Hop 😎🤙🏾 #tno

  5. Ohh wow. How can we prevent something that never existed? Dude do you have proof that virus exists? No you don't have it because tests to do them are fake and not accepted by scientists. May be dumb doctors accept but not people who are doing research for life time.

  6. What if you don’t want to be tracked by the government? Maybe this is natures way of thinning out the overpopulation.

  7. Once this go live in the United states, some people going to get called 20 times a day because people cant stay at home.. let's not go into when telemarketing gets in on this action.

  8. dont make rash decisions and give up your privacy now. people did that after 9/11 and we still regret that to today. dont listen to any that tells you its ok, to give up your privacy. give centimeter, they take a kilometer


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