COVID-19 infections in Singapore cross 10,000, with 1,016 new cases


Singapore reported 1,016 new COVID-19 infections on Apr 22, taking the national total past 10,000. It was the third straight day the country recorded more than a thousand new cases.

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  1. Singapore is getting worse, for sure there are more undetected cases because there are more than 200,000 migrant workers living in the crowded dormitories. Regardless that they have good hospital facility but if the cases explode at the same time then healthcare system might collapse.

  2. Isolate, segregate all FW from Singapore community immediately is the first solution. !!!! Ideally house them in one of Singapore island for 2 to 4 weeks. Those recovered must be tested and confirm before allowing them to return to Singapore main island !!!! Singapore community spread is improving. There is no need to extend lockdown till 1st June

  3. Its fine everything is under control. Majority of infected are foreign worker. Residents need not to worry from 16 yesterday now 15 its dropping, just 15 more days and things going back to normal.

  4. Pls stay home getting worse hitting every day 1000 case. Do, wear Mask if stopped cycling or running or jogging. Best workout at home. Sweat may tran human to human. Buying groceries or food, Pls stand away from nearest people 1 to 1.5 meter.Do not gathering or hang out. Not feeling well ,do stay at home, think of your family your friends and yourself. Beware and Be safe !!!

  5. I am 60. Well, Expected. More to come. Government is doing their part. Sad to say most Workers are NOT. They dont care, dont bother. They know they will still get salary, free food, free medical. everything free. I realized one thing, Most , if not all are Non Chinese. What are we going to do with these people later. Still need to get more of such race ? or can be others ? government knows better.

    During prime time of my father's business, easy 40 years ago. We had about 240 work permit workers. 70 from H.K. & China, the rest from India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh. The Chinese are the smarter ones, but also the ones that will create trouble. The rest, not all but most. are very naughty, lazy, dirty, slow, act blur, but less trouble….. we shall see what happens next than the story goes on……. Lets hope all goes well for SG.

    Go ahead with your racist issue. We are taking care all races in the dorm. But sadly , you see ( those not staying in SG will never know & never understand ) the truth behind. Government is doing their best, may be the best is not good enough but SG is doing it's best n view the situation from time to time quickly. But if the workers dont bother, no matter how n what the government does, this C-19 is not easy to over come.


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