COVID-19 update, April 20: Singapore reports record 1,426 new cases


On April 20, Singapore reported a record 1,426 new COVID-19 cases — the first time daily figures have exceeded 1,000. The national total has now passed 8,000. The Health Ministry said the vast majority of the new cases are foreign workers in dormitories. Only 16 cases are Singaporeans or permanent residents. Five more foreign worker dormitories have been declared isolation areas. They are: Avery Lodge, Cassia @ Penjuru, Westlite Mandai Dormitory, PPT Lodge 1A and Jurong Penjuru Dormitory 1. There are now 18 foreign worker dormitories gazetted as isolation areas.

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  1. The test the microbiologists are using is called an RT-PCR test, it was invented by a guy called Kary Mullis. He died in August 2019(little suspicious). He said this test should not be, and could not be used to claim something to be a virus, and the test could not prove contagion.
    This is the very test they are using…smh. If he was alive today, he would be speaking out against them using his test for this Covid-19.

    So this test only shows a genetic sequence, and this sequence can be found in lung cancer, pneumonia, asthma, and all other respiratory problems.

    They have never ever isolated the virus they are calling Covid-19, and this virus they are calling Covid-19 has never gone through Koch's Postulates, which is the gold standard for determining whether a virus is contagious or not.

  2. Immunity is the best solution to beat the virus infection. Immunity is the strongest healing and protection against the virus in our body. When the environment is very cold on a raining day or in an air-conditioning room, children and the elderly with poor immunity are susceptibility to colds and sickness. To improve our immunity, Zhou Chiling, Vice Chairman of the Nutrition and Food Safety Branch of the Chinese Society of Geriatrics, gave 8 simple ways to improve immunity to help you keep out of the disease at bay:
    Get enough sleep; take yoyghut breatfast; eat more garlic; drink honey water, ginger water, and lemon water; enjoy afternoon tea break; exercise weekly; expose sun not more than half hour at 10 am and 4 pm; keep smiling and be cheerful.
    In life, you need to have more positive thoughts; divert your attention through reading, entertainments on TV, home exer

  3. Singaporeans think they are better than others… better than foreign workers… white expat treated like royals… sad communities of fake values… kiasu gives.. kiasu gets… good riddance… now you are no. 1… RIP Singapore..

  4. In the near future it will be considered a boon to have these foreign workers helping to spread the virus and establish herd immunity. It will be a pathetic country indeed whose citizens have been shielded from the virus and who’s citizens will not be able to travel for fear of contracting and bringing it back, and who will not welcome foreign visitors for fear they will bring the virus with them. The sooner you allow this virus to run its course, the better. It is uncontainable and will be in you and me no doubt before June or July. 🙂

  5. Even tho Singapore is not my country but I'm terribly scared for Singaporean,I hope they can fight against this covid-19 issues

  6. Though Singapore handle it well, but this never expected. Worst is Asia…! They supposed lockdown, when Malaysia do lockdown. But what they all do…? Normal life… Go shopping. Em…. Hope Singapore back to normal.

  7. The govt is in a pickle. A good number of Singaporeans have no empathy for these helpless migrant workers despite the fact that they work and live like animals in pens to make our lives easier and more affordable, and would rather the govt. not "waste" resources on them. However if the govt. does give in to them with their usual trick of pandering to locals for votes at the cost of foreigners, it will further expose this lurid long-running tale of modern-day slavery and deep racism, and lose face with the international community. Quite a choice. I hope they continue to do the humane thing.

  8. I still remember your minsters said no worry no need to wear mask just wash your hands couple of months back. I knew Singapore would have this coming because it's so densely populated with so many foreign labors just a matter of time it got out of control.

  9. The number of China workers coming in to Singapore having the Wuhan Covid-19 viruses must have been infected badly in the dormitories! So it affects the other foreigners who stayed in the room and place. As it creates more clusters. They went to work by public transports that lead several Singaporeans who did not travels outside of Singapore to get infected. Now that is the known problems comes from dormitories. I hope they made a thorough checks to curb the increasing numbers of infections in Singapore. It is better to check all the dormitories to prevent the spreading of the viruses to every one else. Should extend the circuit breaker period. It is very frustrating times to hold on to these situations.

  10. See no coffin shed no tear. Trust WHO? Someone said wearing masks was not enouraged. Best cities defended the virus is HK and Taiwan both in per capita and absolute number as they dony trust info released by CCP and WHO while amber evidence masks is very effective against it.

  11. 惹事生非的造谣者、拉种族仇恨、惹事生非、希望上帝能够眷顾新加坡🇸🇬!把歹徒绳之以法

  12. Govt keep doing dumb things this virus will spread forever. Key Solution is ISOLATION N SEGREGATION. Moving FW into Community is another stupid move. What kind of pple is running Singapore?

  13. This can happened due to infected illegal immigrants working in eateries, wet markets, retail outlet etc in places where foreign workers congregate are still on the loose.

  14. Singaporeans should read the post by opposition politician Chee Soon Juan regarding the missteps in handling the virus situation:

    Read with common sense, as the post commented with common sense.

  15. What u think all Singaporean well safe? very smaller than smaller country cna news u can separate between foreign worker n Singaporean. Nobody safe right now

  16. I cannot wait for the circuit breaker to end, but statistics are pointing towards an extension. Improve the living conditions of our foreign workers asap.

  17. PAP failed terribly in managing this health crisis. Very soon Singapore will hit 2000 cases. Singapore has the highest number of cases in SEA despite its small population. PAP is really a "sia suay".

  18. Wow ! We are number 1 in SE Asia ! We won !!!!! And CNA …STOP ! blaming foreign workers, imported cases etc.. and ask real questions as a reporter should. Don’t be CNN !🤬

  19. May ALL patients in Singapore have a speedy recovery. Keep fighting and be strong as your loved ones are waiting for you.🙏

  20. Question. Why doesnt Singapore test the whole country? Instead of rashly spending $60 billion where the bulk is going to be misdirected, spend $1 billion or less testing the whole country using those new tests which airlines are using that provide results in 10 minutes. Then we know what we're dealing with. It's not difficult.

  21. it seems now no more daily press conference by Lawrance wong and Gan Kim Yong…. think they afraid to be questioned by reporters…lol


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