Create A Google Map In A Website | Google API Map | Learn HTML and CSS | HTML Tutorial


Create A Google Map In A Website | Google API Map | Learn HTML and CSS | HTML Tutorial. In this HTML tutorial you will learn how to insert an interactive map inside a website.

Google Maps API guide:
Find your latitude and logitude:

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  1. We made a video explaining how to make your own (google maps), with custom colours (Export JSON)! Please do check it out. 🙂

  2. Create a Page to register user.
    Information required for user registration- For the test we don't have to create delete user functionality
    Name –
    Age –
    Gender –
    Location –

    Create a Page to show a google map
    What we want to see in the map
    1 – All users based on their location
    2 – Users based on age group
    3 – Users Based on Gender or combination of age group and gender
    4 – All users should be shown in the same page
    5 – The page should be dynamic, if I add more users it should show all users

  3. Great video man! I want to ask if this method is legal. I mean, to i have to do something more to have google maps on my web site or i follow these steps and i'm fine?

  4. Hello Thank you for this video. I Want to amend this to become a tracker. If wanted to track someone else's location during a journey. To do this would you only require the API of that person's google account that you wish to track?


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