Cynthia Bailey Defends Tyra Banks Behavior on America's Next Top Model!


Cynthia Bailey Defends Tyra Banks Behavior on America’s Next Top Model! The Real Housewives of Atlanta Alum is speaking out on behalf of her long time friend, Tyra Banks. Cynthia Bailey did an exclusive interview with Page Six and the model claims that Tyra Banks’s words were taken out of context. Cynthia Bailey said Tyra Banks is a pioneer and she fully understands her gap tooth comment. Check out the video for the full details. #bravotv #tyrabanks #therealhousewivesofatlanta

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  1. Such double standards… y'all expect fashion to really be about so called self-love? Some brands will claim to stand for self-love as long as it is profitable… fashion brands don't really care about self love

  2. Whew Chile, I hope Cynthia who is a mother of a Black daughter who is also gay, remembers those words( do what you gotta do) Because Society and the "Industry" is hard for a black women. Let alone a Gay Black woman!

  3. Cynthia at it again trying to stay relevant! Girl stop with those face fillers, you're almost unrecognizable!!

  4. Cynthia should have stayed mute on this one. It would have blown over on its own. Talking about it just keeps it going. Tyra was horrible on the show, we all know this because we watched it years ago. People are all the sudden outraged like this show hasn’t always been problematic lol.

  5. Cynthia Bailey has. A beautiful brown skin daughter I hope she doesnt change her appearance like her nose or skin color for Hollywood. She looks like she could be a model already in my opinion . I watch her YouTube she is a fun smart young lady

  6. I’ve been a model my entire life. Tyra was 100% right based on the way it use to be.. Don’t like it. Don’t be a model. Simple as that. Today is a different story. Back then, if you didn’t meet the criteria, there’s the door. There’s no level of pacifying a model and no love. You either fit or you don’t. It’s not a best friends club!!

  7. In my opinion I feel that people are making such a big of a deal about this. That was a long time ago and things were different then in the modeling world🙄 People easily forget and definitely extremely sensitive nowadays like WTF🙄🤯


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