DeNoise Effect in Adobe Audition CC 2019 (DeNoise vs Noise Reduction)


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  1. Don't keep up with audition much but recently been doing a video podcast at work and this denoise is fantastic, removes all background hums, mic hiss, never thought it could be so powerful!

  2. I found the DeNoise is distorting the speech big time. Just like in your video… I don't think it's acceptable to have this level of distortion in the speech. I much prefer good ol' noise reduction effect.

  3. Another great video! When I watch I notice you are in a regular room.. How do you not get a lot of ambient noise. I have built a studio in my closet and I still get hissing — so much so that Audition cannot remove the sound.. I know I am doing something wrong — but I'll still watch you and hopefully luck into a solution..

  4. Love your videos. Thanks. When I export a .wav file using denoise, there's a 3-second period where there is a very noticeable distortion in playback. In researching the Adobe Audition forum I understand this to be a bug in the rendering process where it is briefly calculating the proper denoise setting. Have you experienced this distortion and is there a workaround that you know of?

  5. Hi. Thanks for the video. Sometimes I use denoise to take out say 50 per cent, and then I add the high pass after. It does a good job of taking out the noise, as you show. But, I find combining denoise with a high pass filter sometimes gives me a washed out sound. Have you ever experienced that?

  6. I just came to edit in Audition CC 2019 and all the commands were changed – H E L P – I found it easy in the last edition. Well you helped me tremendously. Thank you. While some things are simpler like this, other things like editing is not necessarily easier. Thumbs up for you.

  7. For low end wind noise I would recommend the FFT Filter, preset is "Kill The Mic Rumble." It kills everything below 100Hz, I adjust that to 85Hz. I then have that effect hotkeyed to "F."

  8. Hi Mike,

    I know you’re a bit of an Audition advocate, but I’d love to see you do some tutorials for recording podcast audio using Davinci Resolve 15 and it’s audio editor ‘Fairlight’…’s got a lot of good things in it. … and something I use to edit my video instead of Premiere. ;). Thanks

  9. Very nice Mike, thanks! These mini-tutorials are REALLY useful. Have you considered doing one for each of the modules in the new IZotope RX7? Some of the modules, particularly the "spectral de-noise", are a bit confusing.


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