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It’s time for the next Project Supercar, and this time I want to PAY YOU to help me find the right car. One of you could be paid many thousands of dollars if you help me find the right car. Watch the video to learn more.

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  1. If your investor is paying for this and already investing in your channel (and probably even your salary), then why are you taking a cut? He already pays for you to Kardashian around in front of the camera. You should up the cut for the finder.

  2. Ok, would you mind answering this question? What does this have to do with fashion and why are you posting this on these types of websites? I had to leave this comment because having this on that site and making people click on it to see what it is all about is absolutely wrong. Why do you think that this would appeal to women?

  3. I thought this might have been a video about being an auction goer or something like that. Disappointed but that's ok. You are a cool guy. Subscribed!

  4. How is this making money? You probably already had like over a million people respond and it only goes to one person who may not even make the money?!?!

  5. Well, good luck with this project. Exotic cars have a very soft market, especially now. I hope that you look to sell it once the madness is all over.

  6. Ok, I guess I got here too late. Your newest video says you picked the car already??? You didn't even give it a week! Subscribed anyway…

  7. I love the idea and then I think it’ll make a great series of videos. I have to start binge listening to your shows and catch up since I listen to you while I’m driving and I am just getting back to work after a few weeks.

  8. I'd love to see something that's not modern.. Anything before the 348 get's my vote. You'll never improve your skills if you keep doing easy shit, my friend! Expand your horizons and get uncomfortable! Consider the Mondial I sent you.

  9. Sorry economy

    There’s nothing wrong with it? The problem is we didn’t act fast enough with the virus 🦠

    Now everyone will have to pay through the nose as our governments fu@ked up

  10. Ok. Here it is.
    We get a 275/GTB 4 "NART".
    Will take some haggling, but I think if we find it, we can make a profit. Forget the MagnumPI car, were going big!!.

  11. Drop me a note on LinkedIn. Damon Cusato. Aside from all the tech – I also Co-founded and as a result have more connections then I can count.

    I’m in Malibu – Bev hills 15 miles away etc. access to anything at black book. You can sit at a light and not see a super car drive by. More inventory here then anywhere.

    Plus, being a long time CTO, head of R&D etc. a lot we can likely help each other in the real world. Latest patent. Extend EV range a min of 4x. Already tested by the Air Force. Still in stealth Mode but your background could fit. Like you, I’m software first (assembly first 😉 – was a member of the QEMM team.
    and analog EE as well. With a host of commercialized patents.

    So aside from finding the car and that’s just for fun, not the money.

    So F430 or 458 Italia ? Opposed to Mclaren?

    For local cars – I’ll go look at them for you not much else to Plus, I’ve forgotten more about cars than most know and can wrench. I can also have contacts that only do these cars look at it. Talk about risk reduction. 😉

    However, given the fact I’ll go physically look and have it checked out and I’ve got a lot going on, but love cars first and foremost.

    I’ll spice it up a bit given the economic issues of late. If I get you a car well under the $150K. Say $100K and doesn’t need anything less a minor service – oil. Take $10K of the $50K delta and split it in half and have a contest and help two families in need or donate it. Not making you do the $50K Just in a like scenario like that. Plus you’ll grab a myriad of new subs (btw -25M registered unique users. And the only site of its size that does not allow advertising of any kind and does not do any data mining. The demographics are voluntarily provided to us by the users since they appreciate it with the last safe zones. Also name is Side it’s become ubiquitous across-the-board with car brands in the front page coverage as it’s a complete portal has better seen the coverage auto show coverage etc. then anyone out there. Motor trend car and driver etc. actually buy pictures from us.

    Got time with the covid-19 – My businesses are on hold, as I tend to flip synergistic technologies. So let’s take advantage of the downtime, the fact I live in the supercar capital universe and no a crap load of our cars and have the contacts to have the Ferrari actually checked out for real, as I said talk about mitigating your risk.

    Hit me up. Be curious if you actually read these. 😉

    Excuse any typos, this was dictated and apples voice dictation sort of sucks.

  12. Such an awesome idea. There is a FF local that got smashed on a dealer ride. Sadly it would need body work. Curious to see how this goes.

  13. What a cool idea! I know of an 89 328GTS for sale in Florida that needs new cam seals, belts and a few other mechanical maintenance task. I will reach out to the owner and see if they are interested and post on your page if so.


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