Drawing Goddess Of Water from My Friend's Painting | Huta Chan | Semi Realistic Style


Drawing Goddess Of Water
My friend has asked me to redraw her painting many times, so in this video, I will do it with Goddess of Water. Her drawing is kind of lovely, and her requirement is making her fabulous. So, let’s see her change.
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Draw pencil Anime, graphite pencil, Cool Pencil Drawing, Drawing Manga Girl with Pencil, semi-realistic style.
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  1. Your comments that are my motivation make me try harder every day. Thank you guys so much!
    What do you want me to draw next? Let me know your opinions in the comments below and I'll be inspired.

  2. Me: draws something and thinks it’s amazing
    watches these videos
    Also me: please stop you are making me rethink my life choices

  3. They say if you say a youtuber’s name three times you will get pinned…… BUT this time it’s different


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