Drew Elliot Directs A Crazy & Beautiful Video Shoot | America's Next Top Model


The models have a single take to unleash their inner crazy while maintaining an air of beauty.


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Drew Elliot Directs A Crazy & Beautiful Video Shoot | America’s Next Top Model

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  1. If only Courtney happened to be in any of the previous cycles, she would have had a better shot at this. She's so high fashion!

  2. How do they do these confessionals this season? When India was talking about the wig situation her hair looked like they just re-added the color and it looked super bright, but on the second confessional they showed of her India's hair looked dull. I'm confused lmao

  3. Courtney is my winner. The producers of this show may have been putting her in a bad light and showing that she has an attitude, but hey, most models really do have an attitude, and thats a given. So i dont care if she complains a lot. Her face just screams model to me. 😉

  4. why don't they show Courtney mv instead the negative potrayal of Courtney?? And gosh, Cory Ann mv is outrageous and is not that good


  6. Gosh, Courtney is SUCH a mean person. People only like her because she's a beautiful face and an european look. If a black girl had that kind of behavior, she'd be receiving so much hate of the fans!
    By the way, Cody should've stayed and CoryAnna should've gone home. Tatiana didn't deserve the bottom 2, cause her video was just regular, but not even close to bad.

  7. It is not fair to apply some kind of favoritism in the show. Tatiana's video was really in such a mess. She should be eliminated rather than Cody. I also think that Courtney should not be treated like that. She had done really well so far

  8. I'm pretty sure Tatiana is going to win, you can see how the judges want her to stay so badly and are being kind of unfair to the other girls. They keep bringing up Courtney in negative ways all the time, Coryanne is not very consistent so she's probably going home next, they are also criticizing India for no reason at all like saying she has no personality even though she has the nicest personality of all the girls and telling her that she's not going to book any other jobs when she had the best video and eliminating Cody even though she has been way stronger than Tatiana throughout the competition. They're setting her up to win, it's like cycle 9 with Saleisha all over again 😩

  9. Ok, how did Courtney not get FCO? India's definitely gonna win, especially after last week, putting Courtney in the bottom two…

  10. How dare law roach and drew say such jerk bully things to these women. You look like a super market ??! You look like north west. You don't look beautiful ? Like I'm sorry are you giving lady gaga applause realness ?! ✌🏽️🎬 this show man


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