English Conversation – Checking in at an airport – American English


Study the phrases you need to know when checking in at an airport and how to pronounce them! Travel without stress. Check out Vicki and Jay’s video to study more conversation and learn vocabulary for checking in at an airport.
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  3. This is identical to English English (spoken in UK/IRE). Why am I watching this, when I'm from an anglo nation…

  4. Thank you for another superb video on an important topic. Almost everyone has to go through situation. Enjoy your trip with confidence after watching this video. Salute to teacher

  5. my thanks to you so much , for you more videos , through your conversations I'm felling day after day be good to learn E language . And I ask our God to give you more health so as to you can serve other people.

  6. for those ones who'd like to work through the script:

    Man: – The machine didn't recognize my passport.

    Check-in officer: – I can help! Where are you flying to today?

    Woman: – Recife!

    Man: – Rio!

    Woman: – We're flying to Rio, and then we have a connecting flight to Recife.

    Woman: – What are you looking for?

    Man: – My reading glasses.

    Woman: – They're on your head.

    Man: – I had a bottle of water.

    Woman: – I threw that away.

    Man: – Why?

    Woman: – You can't take liquids on the plane.

    Check-in officer: – Are you checking any bags?

    Man: – Yes, just one.

    Check-in officer: – Can you put it on the scale?

    Man: – Sure!

    Man: – Can you check our bag through to Recife?

    Check-in officer: – No, I can't. You'll need to pick it up in Rio to go through customs.

    Man: – How much time do we have? How long is our layover?

    Check-in officer: – About two and a half hours.

    Woman: – It's plenty of time.

    Check-in officer: – Here are your boarding passes.

    Woman: – Thank you!

    Check-in officer: – Your flight leaves from gate 19, and boarding begins at 11:20.

    Man: – At eleven twenty.

    Check-in officer: – Have a great trip!

    Woman: – We will!

  7. This is a very useful video to me.
    I've been study English from 7th grade.
    But, my englush grade is not good even I'm over 40 years.
    Actually, in South korea I was educated just reading part in english.
    I want to speak english fluently someday.

  8. Always , Rachel is at the top
    Really this episode is enchanting because I'm planning to go to NY and I have no idea about the arrangements and measurements taken in US airports so I'm probably gonna run into some troubles most notably , pronunciation .The obsession keeping spinning into my head is understanding american English .

  9. Rachel, you are not only a wonderful English accent coach, but also a excellent actress. really appreciate for this awesome video.

  10. I’m a Native American English speaker and understand British English but I just wanted to comment on what a great job your doing and from the comments you’re helping out a lot of people.


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