Everything New On The 2020 iPad Pro!


The new 2020 iPad Pro is real! We take a look at all the changes in Apple’s newest pro tablet. The 4th-gen iPad Pro adds several new features and capabilities as well an incredible new Magic Keyboard accessory.

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  1. Deals on 2020 iPad Pro pre-orders ➡️ https://appleinsider.com/articles/20/03/18/apples-2020-macbook-air-and-new-ipad-pro-are-up-to-105-off-instantly

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  2. I have exactly the same scar on my left eyebrow as this guy. Everytime I see this guy I cant help but wonder how he got his. Mine was so painful, I remmeber feeling the bone sticking out of my face. I'm so used to seeing mine I don't even notice it anymore.

  3. I would happily trade the camera for the headphone jack. How many people actually use a camera on their iPads that are 10.5” and higher? I use it occasionally for documents etc, but this thing is trying to be a camera replacement… AR really belongs on the glasses not on the tablet. Moving this big iPad up/down/left/right just gets tiresome – quickly. Having that face-detection always-on camera is a privacy concern. Lack of a home button makes switching between certain music apps problematic because you can easily mess up parameters via gestures. I love technology and innovation, but Apple takes a lot of steps backwards, sacrificing usability.

    I would really love to get this because of cpu and ability to use more advanced FX chains without having to freeze audio tracks, but I think it’ll take away from the overall experience and the reason I got an iPad in the first place. I can’t use wireless headphones because they introduce a noticeable delay and are useless if you make music. So I have to use a dongle. But if I use a dongle I can’t plug in my portable audio interface so I need to carry around a hub of some sort. The beauty of iPad was always in the simplicity, but now they’re making it incomplete without buying extra accessories. They’re trying to make a computer out of it with this “optional” magic keyboard. But it’s not running a full MacOS so I still need a laptop. I would rather have 2 devices, each perfect for their respective purpose.

  4. The existence of the A12Z, which largely seems the same as the A12X plus one GPU core and thermal optimization, solidifies for me that Kuo is still saying this will be updated twice this year, this update, and then mini LED and A14X at the end of the year.

  5. I kinda wish they did a camera and non camera model. I personally have never used the camera on an iPad. The bump gets in the way, even more so on this model and adds to the overall cost of the device. I have no interest in AR.

  6. honestly, I really want this but I dont think the 11 inch for 1000 dollars is worth it, its almost the same price as my MacBook

  7. The 2018 iPad Pro can also record 4K video at 24 fps and also slow motion in 1080p at 120 or 240 fps, it’s wrong on apples website.

  8. I still dont see why I need to upgrade from my 2018 ipad pro? A tweaked processor and improved camera?? Why not just make a product that lasts for 5 to 6 years instead of this every other year update? Never mind I answered my own question!

  9. Anyone know if I can trade in my MacBook Air towards an iPad? My 2017 is worth $300 and am considering this upgrade with the keyboard.


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