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  1. Girl, I am PRAYING that you find a great modeling company, you have been through a lot. But don’t find one that just hires you for your looks, but they need to see your great personality!😌🙂

  2. You know I almost submitted an actual copy of the application a while back but I got the feeling that something wasn’t right with the show and me being able to connect with Yahweh and Yeshua, I listened to them when they spoke to me about it and I never filled it out and submitted it because of what they said and they showed me why I made the right decision. I even have a next top model shirt because I was ready to go through the process until Yahweh and Yeshua spoke to me ✨🙏🏽✨ They have my back when NO ONE else do.

  3. I would have done my Cat walk smimming, or just on a treadmill … Something just kinda like I’ma throw your bullshit back at you.

  4. Is there a predator video? My friend is very naive, and refuses to listen to me about safety and “false” modeling. I have been asked to model before too, and it was sketchy, soo no. She thinks she’s going to be the next Victoria’s Angel Model outa the blue…

  5. Are you sure this wasn't fake? I went to an actual casting. Like a formal one for Americas Next Top Model. So this seems fake. You were scammed girly. I am sorry. They have a formal casting process that you have to attend physically. Seems like someone was just cruelly fucking with you. Be careful in the future.

  6. Was our girl NT supposed to be in Jeana Turner's place at cycle 24!?! Just wondering 💁
    That succulent is a beautiful plant, indeed 😂

  7. common sense its reality show its business they have to keep it exciting and fun. what do you think they want a frozen princess?? i'm so confused. think business people think SMFH

  8. I wax her Rosa de gurdalupe the same thing with the agency she mentioned in the beginning preaditors who contacted this little girls and when they went to the casting the got captured and trafficated

  9. The same model agency that found Chad Michael Murray wanted me when I went to a casting but wanted me to pay a few thousand dollars. I didn’t go for this as I was told by multiple models and such that if an agency wants you, they don’t have you pay.

  10. great video! i was on ANTM the very last season. 😛 i was nly casted as an exytra but featured 😀 check me out! jessica shea model


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