FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! – America's Next Top Model game #4 (Wii Let's Play)


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  1. I was yelling at my screen basically the whole time that you weren't casual enough 😂 gotta look out for my girl Tara

  2. KPopp not realizing that they'll always leave your character in the last two, because they have no voice acting for it. 😉

  3. "Oh my god Kimberly's face just scared the shit out of me" is the only proper line to end a video on. Period.

  4. Hi babe! OMG legit you are the funniest YouTube, loves the videos, I'm just asking in case you copyright over Tara Dikov, please can I use this as my DRAG name, i wanna start darg and this is the perfect name! Kisses to KPopp ❤️❤️❤️

  5. This is shit. I'm sorry but you are promoting eatingdisorders. ED is really common in the modelingindustry and I really don't think you should be joking around and promote it like you do in these gameplay's. I don't wanna argue but you seem to have a bit of an younger audience. Maybe you should think before you send these girls this awful message.

  6. Kelly! always get your outfit checked by Michelle. she will give you the score as if you scored you on Friday. just cause you think its causual or whatever the theme is for the week, it might not be and could really bring you down a lot!

  7. when kpopp hit herself with the remote she was like that's y I beat ur ass then I said kpopp u beat ur own ass lol I'm a big fan on ur ceiling kpopp I watch while u sleep: D


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