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  1. One of the big advantage of the gum sole is that you can match them with a brown leather belt. I always have trouble to find the right belt to wear with the all white sneakers.

  2. hi – this was such a great video. I`m helping my 64 year old dad dress bit more trendy as he looks great for his age and I found your video super helpful in terms of style and the approach. Thank you for the inspiration

  3. I really like the Stan Smith's with the gray in back and the gum sole. I feel the gum sole has a nice pop to it. I have auburn colored hair and it just seems to work with that and give a bit more contrast to the shoe than the white on white. I feel they looked really good on your Tanner with the jeans, and the last look. The only thing I didn't like about the last look was not the shoes, but the dark socks that you wore with them. I thought the Stan Smith's looked not too bad with the second outfit, but I felt the pants should have been about 1/2 to 1 inch longer. If they were just a tad longer, then I think the transition from the pants to the Stan Smith's would have been excellent…..and provided a real cool look. I'm wondering Tanner if you're still wearing these shoes in 2018. I want to buy a pair, but can't find them anywhere. The guy at the shoe store dissuaded me from buying them anywhere….which I felt was kind of depressing. I want a pair of these. Thanks Tanner. Sorry for the long post.

  4. Thought I had made a mistake when I exchanged too short jeans for these very shoes. I had drawn on Ashley Weston's advice, but thought the gum was 'out of line'.

  5. I recently bought an all white pair and returned them. Didn't realize that most models are all synthetic construction, which, bummed me out. Definatly going to look for the pair in this video. The all synthetic shoe didn't look bad, but, just knowing they were trying to look like leather, and yet weren't, made me feel they were  an inferior shoe. In Canada where I am, the synthetic shoe was $110.not cheap.

  6. Great video Tanner, totally different from other guys in the same scene. Keep up the good work!
    A little tip; A few weeks ago I bought the all white achilles low from Common Projects. The best fitting, quality and sleek design sneaker I've ever had. Check them out, you will like em for sure. Check out my instagram: whagoort

  7. You should definitely take a look for the Achilles low of Common projects. It's much cleaner so it will easier to be used in sports coat.

  8. I was considering a pair of these with the black/navy tag and back logo. At first the gym sole/side looked strange but I love the look with the jeans and blue shirt as well as with the Chinos. Great video!

  9. Stan smiths what a versatile shoe. Definitely one my favorite casual shoes.
    Nike sb in white or the Nike tennis classic cs suede (oatmeal/ivory) are also good looking casual shoes.

  10. I love the vision you have in seeing such a simple piece as foundation for so many diverse looks. Before this video, if I had seen these same sneakers on a store display somewhere, I probably would have shrugged and said "eh" and moved on. Those suit pants are gorgeous and the pants/sneakers/polo shirt is killer high/low, in my humble opinion.

  11. the tops in the first two looks not quite working. nothing quite wrong technically, but not up to your usual standards. the third look isn't sth I'd go for but it looks more put together and intentional than the other 2.

  12. Tanner, I bought in February new pair of super comfortable good sneakers. They're for my casual outfits. Streetwear and Smart Casual and anything super casual like beach/summer look ;). Wont use with blazer or anything above that in formality. Mine are also more casual and youthful/colourful looking than yours, so I wear them with OCBD shirts, polo shirts. etc

  13. Great video and congrats on going full time. It's a big step and I'm sure it'll pay off. Really digging the high waisted trousers as I have a long torso I think they would be good for me. Any tips on where I could pick up a pair other than coming out to Utah?

  14. One of these days do a video regarding sneakers that look like dress shoes (Cole Hann bluchers wingtips with sneaker sole were very popular last year). Is it good option for us that feel more comfortable with dress shoes(or boat shoes) but want to be more casual by dropping the pennies? Sneakers with my fitted tailored pants I feel I'm a 38 old trying to be a a 20 year old.

  15. I just got my first white stan Smith sneaker last Saturday. I wore them Sunday with indigo jeans, white T-shirt and a hat. It felt very strange wearing them like I was trying to be a teen (I'm 38) but my wife told me I look nice. I got the classic white and Green as they were on sale but I like yours better has more mature look. I was debating between the stan and weeguns white penny sneaker.

  16. I've got white leather Jack Purcells instead of Stan Smiths because where I live it is all about the Stan Smiths, but I definitely agree with that you've said, though I'd never go above smart casual with them, firstly because there is no need for me to do so at my age, but secondly because I'm a bit more traditional in my dressage, if I did do business casual, I'd use my suede saddle shoes or brown brogues instead (I prefer having shoes with heels at that point). But white leather sneakers are definitely an urban essential in my book.

  17. Found these two weeks ago at Nordstrom Rack for $31! ……with the gum sole and gray suede. I love my originals too…..white & fairway green.

  18. Missed the mark in my book.
    Would definitely stick to shorts or way more casual look than your showing .
    Looks like you forgot your other shoes and just threw on your gym shoes.

  19. What about all white? the gum soul does amazing with colour blocking however the white pair are pretty nice especially when compared to a more expensive common projects

  20. Tanner, are you with B&R in any capacity anymore, or have you completely parted ways? Love the color of the belt in the second fit.


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