FIXED Adobe Premiere Wont Queue to Media Encoder


A FIX for when video does not get loaded in Adobe Media Encoder for rendering after clicking the queue button to export a video in Adobe Premiere Pro.

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Title: Adobe Premiere Wont Queue to Media Encoder FIXED

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  1. To search for Adobe Media Encoder on Windows, click on Windows icon located on the bottom left of Desktop (or click the Windows key on physical keyboard) then type “Media Encoder” to search for Adobe Media Encoder.
    Once Adobe Media Encoder shows up in search list, click on Adobe Media Encoder while holding SHIFT on keyboard to open Adobe Media Encoder.

    Holding shift while starting an application temporarily disables restoring the app's saved state, such as opened windows and documents. This essentially open Adobe Media Encoder in its factory default settings.

  2. I downloaded the app just to hit the Queue section it says adobe media encoder not installed

  3. For some reason it doesn't give me the bottom tab queue options. I usually click enter then it says " you don't have adobe media encoder installed."

  4. More than four years later this problem still exists in version 14.0. Unfortunately, your work-around did not work for me. The only way I can get queuing from Premiere into the Media Encoder to work again is to log out on my IMac Pro and restart everything. I usually need to do this at least once a day because Adobe is not serious about fixing longstanding bugs.

  5. When I have a Premiere project that contain an AE composition inside, Meida Encoder don't make the render. If I try to do a Premiere Project with out any AE composition inside AME works fine. If I try to do a render in AME from a project I did on AE it work fine too. The problem for me, is when a Premiere project has an AE composition . I can not find a solution yet. Any suggestion ?

  6. Big thumbs down form me. I cant see how you opened up the search box to add the media encoder first..great idea, just wish I could execute it!

  7. I've got issue when export the media file, it says download media encoder and I have download & install it already, why is it not working?

  8. You did not show us what you were doing to pull up that window. You said hit the shift key but, with what combo? Please tell us every detailed step. We can't see what keys your fingers are hitting, unless you tell us. Thanks

  9. Or you can click the "Window" option in the Adobe Media Encoder (top left) and check the Queue. Sometimes it's hidden because the Queue is unchecked.


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