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Did you know that the Ford Probe, was ALMOST a next generation mustang? Or that Mazda helped Ford, to mastermind the design of the Probe? Whether you answered yes or no, the Ford Probe and Probe GT, has a juicy history of pissing off Mustang fan boys, and thanks to Mimi Vanderholen, winning the hearts of 90’s women and families across the US. Slated to compete with the Japanese domestic market cars of the time, and to compete in the Nascar dash series–it soon became clear, that this midsize passenger sedan, could keep up with the competition. So sit back, relax, and join James Pumphrey as he walks us through the tale of the failed Ford Mus… I mean, Ford Probe.

►Episode Chapters:
00:00 Introduction
09:58 Do-RE-MIMI

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  1. Did someone forget to comp the audio on this one?

    Anyway I've always wanted a Probe but I'll have to get a vanity tag that says PROBED just to be safe.

  2. Interested in giving one of your followers a free wrap? We are in we love your stuff. Especially the ford stuff and the HRPRS!!

  3. Had a 1989 Ford Probe LX and loved it! Later on bought the 1999 Mercury Cougar V6 and loved it.
    Did not care for the new rear roof line of the newer Gen 2 Probe.
    The 1999 to 2004 Mercury Cougar deserved a better mention than what you gave it and the pic of
    the old 70's rear wheel drive Cougar you showed was patently deceptive or just laziness on your part.

  4. I wish there was still that much passion for not ruining the name “Mustang”

    Yet here we are with the Mach-E

  5. That 2.2 was a strange engine: In Germany we had it in several Mazda – Models with a 3 – valve head. ( 115 HP in a 626 and 136 HP in a 929 ) But if the head has been taken of for head gasket service, it was visible that the pistons had 4 grooves for a 4 valve head what it was designed for … Still , – worked ok . The name plate on the rocker cover was srewed in place so easy to change the name- Ford, Mazda , whatever. The cooperation between Mazda and Ford was visible in several models: Still own an RX 7 FC Turbo with a Ford pickup – truck gearbox. And used to own a family carrier Mazda Premacy equipped with Ford Probe brakes … But Mazda bought back the shares from Ford so they have now only 2 % . Better this way.


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