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Ford Thunderbird was meant to be the Ford Motor Company’s answer to the Chevy Corvette. From Square Birds to Bullet Birds to Aero Birds to Retro Birds, this American icon got bigger and bigger (literally) and even shared the same platform as the Foxbody Mustang! So take flight with James Pumphrey as we discover how it all happened and meet the people who shaped it into a National Treasure. Except this one we don’t have to steal from the Decoration of Inner Pendants!

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38 thoughts on “FORD THUNDERBIRD – Everything You Need To Know | Up To Speed

  1. Honestly a bit upset that y’all completely skipped over my favorite T-bird. ‘67-‘69 birds were awesome!! Telescopic steering wheel, four door with suicide doors, 429 Thunderjet, optional vacuum power locks, windows, and sunroof. Not to mention the styling. So sad you didn’t even touch on it.

  2. Bro i had to make a project in school that was a tell me about you and one was what happened during your birth year and i was born 2006 i was tempted to say everyone fucking died because alot of people did indeed die

  3. i have a bone stock, all original, mint condition, 89’ super coupe with 46,000 miles. hasnt left the garage since the 90’s

  4. I had a 96' Thunderbird. Sadly, as I was driving in a storm, I hit a huge puddle of water and it flooded out. I kinda miss it😔

  5. As a thunderbird SC owner , i was looking forward to some interesting information about the T Bird line throughout the years. But this guy really messed that up for me . Does he really think he's funny ??? Joking around is one thing , but he's just UN-WATCHABLE

  6. Spends a lot of time and money on an ad just to have the actor pour the oils upside down like a fucking idiot.

    Bet valvoline regrets their investment

  7. I got really confused, they already had cars and needed motor oil! Oh, wait. This isn't an episode about Valvoline…

  8. You got some details wrong on the aero birds. The fox body platform debuted in 1978 on the fairmont, was reskinned into a mustang in 79 and the aero bird did not appear until 1983. Also the ugly birds from 80-82 were fox body also.

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