Hi everyone! I am back with yet another exciting video for you guys! Today was Day 1 of BTS’s online concert: BANG BANG CON and also my first BTS concert experience. Come join me in prepping for it and see me go wild with a few clips from me watching the concert. LOL.
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20 thoughts on “GOING TO BANG BANG CON 2020

  1. Me:Mom can I go to Bang Bang con? It’s an online BTS concert.
    Me:It costs Money
    Me:*cries in I want to go to BTS concert/Bang Bang con ;C*

  2. I'm so mad at myself for missing it
    bruh i was legit on instagram when they posted the announcement and my explore page was literally flooded idk how i pulled this one off

  3. I have been watching bangbangcon for 14 hours straight now on my TV. No sleep, and im super tired.Used up so much batteries for my ARMY bomb and practically emptied the fridge and probably gained 1992388388kg. NOT. REGRETTING.

  4. Im crying cuz i missed the first day cuz i looked up the date of the concert and it was wrong and this was supposed to be a one in a lifetime thingggggg

  5. I was at the concert too but other armies were commenting in the live chat tho RM told not to so I had to keep resetting my YouTube thus I missed some parts
    Then my internet died- and can you pls tell from where you downloaded those images for the printing?

  6. You don’t need that is free and is online so yeah u don’t need that all you need is to sleep well,snacks, and ur army bomb. So you don’t need nothing is just ur army bomb and snacks to enjoy !

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