Google Earth Studio + Adobe After Effects = 😎🔥


Here’s how to composite Google Earth Studio animations with elements inside of Adobe After Effects. In this tutorial I’ll show you step-by-step how to create an animation inside of Google Earth Studio, add track points, export the 3D camera data, and then import that data into Adobe After Effects. Once inside of After Effects, I’ll show in detail how to composite both 2D and 3D graphic elements in Google Earth animations.

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An Introduction to Google Earth Studio

Google Earth Studio Documentation

POSITION Expression for 2D Compositing
thisComp.layer(“Track Point Name”).to_comp([0,0])
if the expressions above doesn’t work, try this one—
thisComp.layer(“Track Point Name”).toComp([0,0])

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  1. Great tutorial! You're really good at this. Well paced; clear explanations of each step; plus, everything you showed, I got pretty much the same result in my project (I can't say that for a lot of other tuts out there). Excellent job. I'm sure I'll put this knowledge to good use.

  2. Aloha again! If you were looking for some Google Earth Studio topics here's what I need help with:

    (1) Fixing problems that you see when your 60 sec animation is done — everything's so interconnected this is NEVER easy, ALWAYS time-consuming to fix

    (2) If your camera is following a trail — as in Volcanoes National Park — determining the best succession of camera targets to get that camera follow smooth

    (3) Creating wonderfully smooth camera action throughout a 60 second animation — and how to fix those jitters and jumps that come up 5% of the time, and "ruin" the whole thing!

    (4) Exploring more of the creative things that might be done with GES animations in After Effects (as in this video)

    (5) Exploring some of the mundane things that can be done with GES animations in AE and in FCPX or Premier Pro — like fixing uneven camera flight! : )

    (6) Creating — in AE, FCPX, PP — more realistic-looking animations. With trail-following animations, I've been working with color correction, but I'm sure there's lots more. (In more remote parts of the world, the satellite "squares" are often taken at different times, possibly from different satellites, and so have different coloration — all clearly visible in final animations.)

    For what it's worth, there we are!

    Again, great tutorial — and this is not your only great tutorial!

    Mahalo from Honolulu

  3. Hi Boone ! I got inspired by your Blip Clip and came up with a short presentation. I know that it is not perfect but would like to hear your comments. Thanks in advance !
    Link >>>>

  4. if you added a drop shadow onto the marker graphic, would it interact with the Google Earth Space correspondingly (i.e. would it splash onto the arc de triomphe as a 3d object) or would look odd as it was essentially interacting with a 2D space?

  5. Thank you for your great video! I was wondering how you created the radar blip and the marker. I'm just a beginner so if you could tell me, that would be wonderful!

  6. Just spent some time building several studio 'videos' and then having them render locally, unfortunately all of the files are missing the java script file used for importing into Adobe. Is there a mechanism to create the script file locally?

  7. hey can you share how to make the radar bleep ? because the file that you share dosnt support on my after effect (lower version)

  8. I'm looking at this program right now, the possibilities are amazing as to how this can be used. Thanks for the good video. My grandson is almost the same age by the looks of it.

  9. Just requested access to Earth Studio. I had never heard of this tool before but I'll definitely incorporate something into one of my videos should I get approved. Thanks a lot!

  10. You are truly a saviour for me, i was finding something new for grabbing attention of my audience I'll be trying this out definitely!

  11. Thank you so much for your videos! It helped me a ton! With schools closed I had to figure out how to put a video together in a week.
    Here's the result:
    xD Thanks man!! Keep it up!


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