GOT7 "NOT BY THE MOON" Dance Practice


GOT7 “NOT BY THE MOON” Dance Practice

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34 thoughts on “GOT7 "NOT BY THE MOON" Dance Practice

  1. im i the only person who didn't feel the energy? like Jackson wang looks not really motivated to dance anymore?…
    honestly i disapointed to their dance this time

  2. me: i love jack—
    Mark : do you still love Jackson?
    me: of cour—
    Mark : are you love me now?
    me: yea, i very love you, markeu

  3. Maravilhosssss❤😍 mas vou confessar que eu não parava de olhar pro cabelo do JB, pantene que lute viu!! Pra mim JB poderia ficar pra sempre com esse cabelo grande.

  4. can someone tell me their names and the time in center who is in?
    ( sorry, I still don't know them but I only have heard about them so I wanted to know them, thanks )

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