Highly-Skilled Bamboo Craftspersons Specialized in Making The "Kishu Fishing Rods"(Kishu Herazao)


Hi Folks,
A few months ago, many people who loved my previous video: “Ancient Technology of Making Bamboo Crafts – Most Incredible Bamboo Woodworking Ever” have commented to asking me about: “Kishu Fishing Rods”. So we decided to make a video about it.

I started to find out information about “Kishu Herazao” then being very impressed by the flexible, durable, lightweight, and especially it has a history of more than 200 years. after more than 2 days to explore, I began to write the script, rewrote the content, a voice was recorded, new effects work, new music, new footage added and a new creation is created as follows: “Highly-Skilled Bamboo Master Craftsmen Specialized in Making The “Kishu Fishing Rods(Kishu Herazao)”

This time our main character is: Tatsukawa Hideki (辰川 英輝 )
Kishu-Herazao Master Craftsman(His Teacher): Jō Hideo (城 英雄)

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25 thoughts on “Highly-Skilled Bamboo Craftspersons Specialized in Making The "Kishu Fishing Rods"(Kishu Herazao)

  1. 5:31 LA beast here, today about to eat a fishing rod. Anyone else recognise that tune and have flash backs ahah

  2. Japanese peoples are masters in there respective fields… N they are the most organised peoples on earth…. Head off to there perfection…

  3. The editing left something to be desired, but the craftsmanship was second to none, would have liked to see more of it.

  4. Nice work. Bamboo is a gift from heaven. Many beautiful fishing rods and fly rods have been constructed by dedicated craftsmen over the years.

  5. I've watched so many of Asian people on these videos ,skilled they are ,sad here in America we had this craftsmanship, very few far in between now ,also haven't seen a bamboo pole in a while

  6. Произведение искусства, с деланное с любовью! Мне бы жалко такую вещь на рыбалку брать.

  7. I really enjoyed this vid but I have to ask whether the voiceover is automated as the emphasis is very strange sometimes – particularly on saying "Fishing Rod". Makes it sound more like someone's buddy who is really into fishing rather than a rod for catching fish. As in "Hi, I'm Weighlifting Jim and this is my good buddy, Fishing Rod".

  8. У меня в детстве тоже была бамбуковая удочка ! А теперь спиннингиорно карбон

  9. Beautiful craftsmanship. Very good video, other than the lack of information. A little more explanation about the process and steps taken would have been nice.

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