Hot rods, Ardun heads, and a forgotten Morris Minor | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 83 (UK Trip 3/5)


It’s episode three of Tom’s trip to the Uk and he comes across several Hot Rods with substantial engines. The most interesting of the bunch is a 1928 Ford Model A Roadster with a supercharged 1948 Hemi engine equipped with Ardun heads which produces a whopping 330 horsepower. The fun continues as Tom discovers a 1956 Morris Minor split-screen convertible that hasn’t seen the light of day in 25 years.

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  1. Fascinating and fun. I'm reminded of rock and roll from the same period. UK looked up to USA for the lead, and USA held Brits in high regard. In the end the greats all managed to work through the obstacle course of drugs and politics.

  2. Wings are on a plane not a car and a bonnet is a hat a woman wears. Only stupid people think otherwise. All but maybe 2 or 3 kinds of English car are stupid looking that look like they belong in a child's cartoon. Absolutely no cool factor at all!

  3. By far the way I'd love to build a flathead in a model A 50s blower arduns just the flathead thats not a flathead

  4. Do you have a great job or what eh Tom? Meeting car people all over the world and rooting through garages for old junk. Cool.

  5. There is an Ardun head hotrod here in South Oz. Stack injection. Not that uncommon, I know of others. They were used in Argentina on road Fords. I think until about 1970. Still made in the aftermarket industry. Search it on Google.
    As for World Products? Where have you been. A major afdtermarkets supplier of heads, Dart Heads, for decades and more currently aftermarket Ford and Chev blocks.
    Guards are guards, not wings! or Fenders, Fenders are guitars! Bloody pommy and Yank gits! Though at least we agree on bonnets and boots.!!
    Moggy Minors did actually have heater controls,, when they break people fit taps.

  6. In early 1960's here in Ohio, USA had a '55 Morris Minor coupe in that green and a black '52 convertible, '52 was a flathead 4 banger…

  7. All cool.
    In the late '70s during my commute, i'd sometimes see a Morris Minor coupe, black, raised, straight axel and V8. never forgot it.

  8. Valerie looks like she could be from New York Connecticut or Massachusetts for some reason I was kind of disappointed when she didn't have a Northeast accent

  9. I owned one Morris Minor convertible and one "two door saloon" back in the mid sixties. The convertible was exactly like this one, although I thought it was a '54, and the indicators did work…just fine. It had a real leather interior, and the seats were far more comfortable than the US cars of the time… The best part was that it would drive all night on a buck's worth of gas.

    The car wasn't fast, but it was fun to drive. I was sixteen so my mother loved that it could do only a bit above 50 (MPH) I sure wish I had it now!

  10. The reason they are called "wings" in England, is that they rust at the bottom and start flapping. We NZers mostly call them Guards or Mud Guards 🙂

  11. All the way to Britain and the car they take about is literally a banger. 😂. Way to show off British cars. Not much choice of good British cars to be honest 🙄

  12. You should explain the problem of getting 330 HP out of a flathead Ford. It's spelled "three main bearings on the crank".

  13. Bernie and his sister are a national treasure! They should take their "show" on the road, we can never get enough British comedy!

  14. 1st off that's not a barn find it's not even a barn it's a garage a barn is a farmer's warehouse where they store feed for there animals or keep equipment in lol what you find is one ugly car in a garage


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