How Historically Accurate (and gay) is Netflix’s Hollywood? [CC]


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  1. I totally agree that Henry Wilson did not deserve a redemption arch, it was sick and erased the expenses of victims

  2. I totally agree that Henry Wilson did not deserve a redemption arch, it was sick and erased the expenses of victims

  3. My (23 year old) brother saw me watching this and asked who that disney princess is – ie. Jessica is a disney princess.
    ALSO Scream queens was brilliant.

  4. "No woman of Chinese descent has yet won an Oscar for acting and we are in 2020"


  5. I'm not sure if this is something you'd be interested in doing or if you have already done, but the history of the portrayal of people with ASD. I'm on the spectrum and have notice,,, that almost every portrayal of other autistic people are those of High Intelligence and who's special interest involve mathematics, science or being a doctor?

  6. I absolutely loved the series. Yeah it had a cheesy lovey dovey happy ending taken straight out of a Disney movie but I loved it. I want to believe the world can have cheesy lovey dovey happy endings sometimes, you know? I do agree Willson got off too easy though. He should've gotten more of a punishment than only Rock standing up to him and less of a happy ending than getting to pitch a film and find true love. Maybe just him stating he's trying to be better would've been enough to give hope without going overboard.

    I 100% agree on the diversity aspect. I feel like when trying to be more diverse people always go for the same characters (black, biracial, gay) and end up ignoring whole groups of people that deserve to see themselves on the screen too. Should the show get picked up for another season, I'd love to see a disabled character (Ryan Murphy has worked with Ali Stroker before and she's fantastic, I'd love to see her all dolled up in 50s fashion), a Latinx character (ideally not Mexican, Cuban or Puerto Rican since those are the only places that seem to be represented, while Latin America includes twenty countries) and an immigrant (all the characters in this season were American-born but Hollywood has always attracted people from all over the world, it would allow us to see the prejudice against certain nationalities).
    In a not entirely related subject, I'd also like to see characters trying to break into other aspects of the industry. I feel like we only get to see aspiring actors, maybe directors, but not much about any of the hundred other jobs that are essential to filmmaking. I don't know, I'd like to see someone trying to make it big as a composer, or a cinematographer, or an animator. Wishing to be an actor isn't the only valid Hollywood dream and it isn't the only one with lots of struggles

  7. Here's another resource on disability rep. It would be a good idea to go over each awardee to see which characters are played by disabled actors.
    [There's a short article about each of the awards at the URL above]
    "The Ruderman Seal of Approval for Authentic Representation is awarded to television or feature film projects featuring actors with disabilities in substantial speaking roles, and has been conceived as the premier recognition for those in the entertainment creative community who show the commitment toward full inclusiveness in popular culture. The Seal will be awarded when productions meet two simple, specific, highly achievable, criteria:
    The Seal is awarded to television shows and movies that feature actors with disabilities with a speaking role of at least five lines;
    These productions must be in, or on the verge of, general release.
    Awardees of the Seal are:
    May 2019: Netflix’s “Special” and “The OA”, NBC’s “Speechless”, CBS’ “NCIS: New Orleans”
    July 2019: Hulu’s “Ramy”, SundanceTV’s “This Close”, Roadside Attractions’ “The Peanut Butter Falcon”, and Music Box Films’ “Give Me Liberty”
    November 2019: Netflix’s “Rasing Dion” and “Tales of the City”, ABC’s “General Hospital”, BBC’s/HBO’s “Years and Years”, and Audience’s “Loudermilk
    June 2020: Apple TV’s “See”, NBC’s “This is Us”, Netflix’s “Atypical” and “The Politician”, and feature film “Spare Room”"

  8. How about a video about Joe from Family Guy? With the show being so purposefully controversial, I feel like it would make a great video. Plus there have been full episodes about his disability and life in general. From my point of view, they treat him like a character first and disabled person second. Though I'd be really interested to see your take on it. 🙂

  9. Just found your channel and couldn't be happier that i did! Also Scream Queens is amazing and deserves far more love than it gets.

  10. I think they redeemed Henry Wilson because of the storyline. The premise was to give gay men a role model, a good role model, to see in Hollywood, and maybe Henry saw that and "redeemed" himself, apologized, and then grew as a person…idk I'm just theorizing!


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