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Motion Factory for Adobe Premiere Pro is the latest addition to our portfolio of successful products! Motion Factory will improve the workflow of any creator who is using Adobe Premiere Pro by helping them Manage their Templates, specially MOGRTs, using Categories and Folders. Motion Factory can without a doubt surpass any other MOGRT management Extension, even Essential Graphics.

Adobe After Effects version will be released in the coming weeks.

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  1. Hi, could you please make a tutorial of how to edit a video background of "Single scenes" templates please?

  2. downloaded motion factory and installed it. How do I use it with Premiere? Can't see the extension under Window.

  3. Hi, I have the premiere "hacked" and I don´t know how to install Motion Factory (as it doesn´t detect the program)

    Is there any way to install it manually?




  5. It's not a hard process, but dang, put the instructions on how to install the plugin on the same page where you download the plugin for gosh sake. FAQ link doesn't work, help link on the home page doesn't work, no link to any instructions on download page or anywhere else I can find… jeez.

  6. Whats the difference between the classic and new version? this actually sucks because I only want to use it on Premiere Pro and the new version even if its detected when I open the extension on premiere theres completely empty. Nothing to choose. I had to install the classic but I ONLY CAN USE IN AFTTER EFFECTS

  7. Hi, i'm using adobe premiere 2018, I do see extensions… I open it… but the Motion Factory window is empty

  8. BEFORE INSTALLING MOTION FACTORY PLEASE READ THIS. "Particle Builder" requires you to have Trapcode Particular installed – so it is basically a set of Trapcode Particular presets. IT IS NOT A PARTICLE SIMULATION/ GENERATOR and it will definitely not save you time or money (unless you have TP and like their Starter Pack of presets).

    The word 'Builder' in all these product components is a total misnomer and is used solely to make you think it is an advanced set of plug-ins, it is not!

    EVERYTHING else in Motion Factory is template compositions, there are very few free ones, and all of the locked template compositions are only available through overpriced download packs, which are the ultimate reason for this bloatware's existence: to get as much cash as they can out of Ae and Pr newbies who don't know better. I am not an AE or Pr newbie, I should have known better but I was excited when i first saw this based on the demo video and product run down etc and couldn't believe I hadn't come across it before, I guess they must have done their best through clever SEO to keep their content in the results pages of the newbies and not the pros. If only they had explained about Trapcode Particular being a requirement (as they should have as best practice) in the FAQs on the product download page, then I wouldn't have wasted half a day on this (like so many others have).

    I will say this, in the ActionFX 'Builder' (lol) and to a lesser extent the Hitech 'Builder' (oh no I'm actually still mad – it isn't funny yet) there are some half decent templates with some nicely executed animations, these are probably the only reason you would want to download this entire package and they are only useful if you are making a sci-fi Anime series involving lots of fire, smoke and HUDs and want to save time on these types of embellishments. So if that is your bag, go ahead and download…

    …Otherwise save yourself the time and move along people, as there is nothing to see!

  9. It does not go installed, it gives me this error "failed to install the extension com.pixflow.motionfactory. please make sure the manifest.xml of this extension is valid and the extension manager recognizes at least one product wich the extension supports.

  10. Hello. I was curious to try it out, I've installed it for Premiere CC 2018, logged-in, but the folder is empty and it looks nothing like in this video. If I click there on the Market button, there are some on sale and a couple of free ones, but when I click on Get a free version, it opens your web page with Motion Factory initial download links which obviously is already installed. So how to cut this circle of clicking and redirecting to the website? Thank you.

  11. No se puede instalar la extencion "com.pixflow.motionfactory"
    Asegúrese de que el archivo manifest.xml de esta extensión sea
    válido y de que Extension Manager reconozca al menos un
    producto que admita la extensión.

  12. When dragging a clip from Motion Factory to timeline Motion Factory doesn't take me to the settings panel to be able to adjust anything. Also, all of the default templates import to my timeline as a .png . . . is this typical behavior?


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