How To Activate Windows 10/8/7 Using KMS Auto Net Activator – 2019 Latest Tutorial video by New Tech


How To Activate Windows 10/8/7 Using KMS Auto Net Activator – 2019 Latest Tutorial video by New Tech

In this video you will learn about How To Activate Windows 10/8/7 & offices using KMS Auto Net Activator. KMSAuto can activate your Windows 8, 8.1, 10, Windows server, Microsoft office 2010 to 2016 and other versions. This is the Latest Method of activating the windows and offices.

You don’t need any additional skills to install and use this software system. It all depends upon your one click.
KMSAuto Net provides good user experience and it is easy to use.

It works for all version of Windows above than 7, and MS office above than 2010.

Secure and reliable tool for the activation of the window.

Activation of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office

The existence of a professional way

Windows activation and backup function (in case you have already done the activation by phone)

This is an open source and is available for all users.

It provides easy and quick

You can activate your window and office permanently (You don’t need to activate again after a few months).

This cannot be installed once you are connected to the internet and your firewall is active.

Disconnect your internet connection and turn off your firewall for its installation.
After installation, you can use your firewall again.

This won’t deactivate your windows.

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KMSAuto Net Activator Download Links:

If you want to download the firmware of mobile and tablet, then check out this link:

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  1. jdi gini min tdi aku liat di video di fb yg aktif windows. cara nya buka seting terus buka security windows. trus buka activition. trus aku pilih change key. trus aku copy kode nya tuh. nah hbis tu aku picik cancel eh hbis tu nge lag laptop nya. trus aku restarts trus bacaan go to seting nya udh ga adalagi tpi ngerubah walpaper nya tetap ga bisa. saran nya dong.

  2. thanks. but after doing this, what happens if i turn on antivirus and windows defender? is it gonna delete those file for KMSAuto or not?
    should i delete KMSAuto files after i did the job or not?

  3. A friend did this with kms activator 6 moths ago and now it want's me to activate windows 10 with a key, so KMS already working on my pc, do I need to deinstal the old KMS or can I just use this now like you did?

  4. guys reply whether this software is injecting any viruses..cause I have read untrusted downloads can lead into a virus download and it will take away ur privacy

  5. hi; can I activate office and windows at the same time ? or can use the same technique to activate office after I activated windows?

  6. Hi. I'm not sure what's going on but I can not get kmsauto to open in windows 10. Nothing happens. It looks like it loads but it wont. I just used the same program on win 7 and everything went great. I'm lost

  7. it worked finally, thank you so much for saving my career.. i forgot to turn off my internet connection while doing it, i hope that's okay. a little bit anxious


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