How To Activate Windows 8.1 Enterprise Build 9600.


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Was able to find a working MAK for Windows 8.1 Enterprise/Pro Use it before you can’t anymore.

Download Windows 8.1:

How to install from USB/DVD:

Website Activate:



  1. my activation key won't appear by itself. what should I do ? I tried all the activation keys all over the internet but they won't work. please help 🙁 !

  2. This Works for Standard Windows 8 or 8.1 aswell. Thanks for your help, this has bothered me for some time.

  3. When i call to united kingdom they told me that I should type their number. 
    I type 1. I don't know how next. It is a little different with your video.
    I think you skip some step.
    Can you take a video again? Please

  4. Its working.. Its working.. Its working… Thank you Team tried different different stuffs to activate, finally due to you you guys got success … 🙂

  5. Please what's the step after the cmd touch (what do you write slur 4 or what ) please i'm waiting for your answer thanks a lot !!


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