How to Convert Mono Audio into Stereo in Premiere Pro


In this tutorial, you will learn how to convert mono to stereo in Adobe Premiere Pro.
For this tutorial, we will be working on a shot of a beach without any audio. We will be adding a noise track to the footage, but the problem here is that only the left channel in this audio track has the sound input. That is because this audio file is a mono audio. Stereo audio files on the other hand have sound information in both the right and the left channels.
So let’s convert this mono audio into stereo so that it blends in perfectly with the shot.

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Step 1 — Using Audio Effects
A simply way to fix the mono audio and convert it into stereo is by duplicating the sound from the left channel and copying that to the right audio channel.
So let’s move to the Effects panel and search for the “fill” effect. Over here, in the “Audio Effects” section, you will find that filter. Since in this case, we want to duplicate the left audio channel, we will select the fill left filter. Simply drag and drop the filter on the audio track.
After adding the effect, if you play the audio, you will hear the noise through both the channels.

Step 2 — Changing the Audio Balance
You can even configure the balance of the audio channels by moving to the “Effect Controls” tab and expanding the Panner tab here. Be sure to disable the toggle animation button next to the balance option, so that the change you make can be applied to the whole timeline. Now when you change the balance to 50, for example, you will clearly hear the difference in the balance.

Step 3 — Editing the Audio Channels
There is another way you can convert mono to stereo in Adobe Premiere Pro. In the picture below, you can see in the source monitor that there is a mono audio track with a single channel. To convert this into a stereo track, you can simply right click on it, move to Modify and click on the “Audio Channels” option.

Step 4 — Changing Mono to Stereo
In the channel format you can see that it is a mono track. Now to convert it into a stereo track, move to the Preset section and from the drop down menu select the “Stereo” option.

Step 5 — Duplicating the source channel
Keep the number of audio tracks over here to one, since one stereo track supports two channels, the left channel and the right one.
Below, you would want to change the source channel for the right track since there’s no recorded input there. So open up the drop down menu here and select the left option. This is basically duplicating the left channel in the right track. With that done, simply hit OK and now when you play the audio track, you will hear the audio in both the left channel and the right channel.
And that’s how you can convert a mono audio track into stereo in Premiere Pro.


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