how to draw Hot Girl – vẽ nữ sinh Nhật Bản


how to draw hot girl, vẽ 2 nữ sinh cấp 3 nhật bản
lớp vẽ thầy quỳnh, luyện thi vẽ vào đại học kiến trúc, mỹ thuật, khối v – h
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  1. These look like Sailor Moon characters! Sailor Venus and Sailor Mars? I was a fan when I was younger. 🙂 Awesome work my friend! Like #31

  2. Many congratulations my dear friend Dinh, is wonderful your video, i like very much!!
    Warm greetings and have a happy weekend!! George + like 28

  3. Meus parabéns!!!👏👏👏 Excelente desenho,✍️ você têm um grande talento.🎨 Passei aqui pra agradecer sua visita, Sou novo inscrito✍️ no seu canal,📺 e dei um grande like. 👍👍📽📺❤️

  4. Hello,Good evening.

    How are You? I hope you are fine.

    New friend here.All done You please Su_ubbed and B_elled.

    Mutuality Can develop us to each other. So Don't late.

    Stay connected Stay Blessed


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