How To Export Selected Clips in Adobe Audition CC 2019

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Adobe Audition CC 2019: Export Selected Clips

This works on one clip or multiple selected clips in the Multitrack

This tutorial will show you how to export selected clips in Adobe Audition CC 2019.

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How To Export Selected Clips in Adobe Audition CC 2019:
1. Open Multitrack Session
2. Add Audio Files to Tracks
3. Select one or more clips on any track
4. (Method #1) Go to File menu…Export…Multitrack Mixdown…Selected Tracks
5. (Method #2) Ctrl + Click and choose ExpoExport…Multitrack Mixdown…Selected Tracks
6. Enter Name, Location, Format, Sample Type, Format Settings
7. Press OK

The easy way to export selected clips in the Multitrack is to select one or more clips and right-click or ctrl + click and go to Export…Multitrack Mixdown…Selected Clips.


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6 thoughts on “How To Export Selected Clips in Adobe Audition CC 2019

  1. I have split an audio into MULTIPLE CLIPS in a SINGLE TRACK. I want all these split clips to be downloaded SEPARATELY as different mp3 files. Please help me
    I have separated the audio into sooo many clips that downloading them each one by one is taking me sooo much time. Please help me

  2. Hey, I am trying to export my file, but the MP3 file does not have any sound. It is just a simple and flat silence.

  3. Hello! Let's say I have a multitrack project and I need to export each track separetely so another person can mix the material for me on another DAW. They will need every clip to start from the same position. Is there a way to do this?

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