How To Fix Windows 8.1 not shutting down issue/ Computer starts after shutdown


Windows 8.1 not shutting down: You can’t shutdown your Windows 8.1 PC, when the shutdown settings “Turn on fast startup” is enabled.
Solution: Open control panel and search for “shut down”. Then scroll down and select the power option link “change what the power buttons do”, where you can see the shutdown settings. Ensure the “Turn on fast startup” is enabled or disabled. Enabled means, start your PC faster after shutdown and Restart is not affected. This option “Turn on fast startup” will prevent your Computer from shutting down, so deselect or remove the tick near this option and make save changes. That’s all shutdown problem solved for Windows 8/ 8.1 PC.
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  1. It worked, thank you!
    I have some other problems with it, when I plug in my phone or my external hdd after 5 minutes everything freezes except the arrow on the screen and to unfreeze I have to unplug whatever I've plugged and then explorer.exe crashes, did some troubleshooting but nothing worked, I don't want to reinstall Windows because I would have to reinstall all the programs I currently have and that would take me more than a day, also when I leave my pc for a while and the screen closes , after I move the mouse so it turns back on the usb ports get disabled , they don't transfer data anymore, only power so I have to restart my laptop to make them work again..


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