How to get Media Encoder CC 2019 for Free!


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  1. when i click on a link it says i should download something with an flash sd card but i dont trust that, is it the media encorder download or a virus?

  2. Nvm I didnt expect that.
    I literally downloaded it, clicked the installer and thats literally it.
    Its works well… too well… I dont trust this xD
    But yes, it actually works perfectly, eventho the Download is slow af and takes like 10minutes

  3. Guys, PLEASE dont worry, I got After effects from this person, and My pc is still working this day. Chuy is extremely reliable and I use this to edit my videos. If your pc thinks its a virus then its because of the crack file's type. You can see that im not a bot cause i upload videos frequently using the After Effects Chuy Gave us 🙂

    Stay safe!

  4. It keeps saying 'Could not connect to Adobe After Effects. Please verify that Adobe After Effects and Adobe Dynamic Link components are installed', what do i do?

  5. when i click on the link there are a couple different download buttons, and it wants me to install power app. Google says power app has only one user so im a bit sketched out.

  6. Hey guys! I'm going to address a couple questions

    Q: Why doesn't Media Encoder Link With After Effects?
    A: Both After Effects and Media Encoder have to be the same version 2019/2019

  7. you are a life saver, i spent a few hours editing a video in premiere just to figure out that i didnt have media encoder and nothing else was working. big thanks and a happy new year.

  8. here incase u dont want to go through the sketchy sites

  9. Just ran some test on it, saw that almost every sing file is corrupt. DO NOT DOWNLOAD. I know a lot of people go through these types of videos and say that just because, but I did do tests and it has so many different things attached. I hope this helps anyone who sees this.

  10. I can't export any kind of folder to AME, it tells me connexion failed with After effect (translate from french btw) and I can't resolve it… Some help plzzzz? (Btw I've read the README.txt and what's standalone pre-fixed installer?)


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