How To Install Motion Array Plugins for Premiere Pro


Download our plugins for Premiere:
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In this tutorial we show you how to install premiere pro plugins from Motion Array. We make the process really simple, so follow along and let’s get you up and running using these plugins!

You can check out our plugins at:

Music Provided By Motion Array:


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  1. excuse me I signed up to the monthly subscription and NONE of your templates work on Premiere Pro 2020, everything is supper outdated from 2018! no even 2019! No one is answering me, I am like extremely frustrate.

  2. So thank you for giving away a trial of these plugins during this trying time. I have installed and authorized these plugins, but they are not working. I feel like its trying to process them, but they aren't giving any transition just super copy or blacked out video. Thoughts or ideas? FYI i am using premiere 2020 cc

  3. Will we only be able to use this in the time that we have a Paid Subscription? Or can we still use these without an red X after its cancelled?


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