How to install Motion Factory tutorial | FREE After Effects Toolkit


Get the “Motion Factory Classic” toolkit for FREE:
In this tutorial, we will show you how to easily install Motion Factory Classic.

Motion Factory Classic is Pixflow’s free-to-download toolkit that provides you with several advanced and user-friendly plugins that are specifically designed for After Effects to create high-quality motion graphics.

As of now, Motion Factory Classic offers the following plugins for motion designers and VFX professionals:

Particle Builder — After Effects plugin for creating cinematic particle effects like sand, dust, fireworks, magic & more in After Effects.

ActionFX Builder — After Effects plugin for creating a professional cartoon and anime FX & Real FX for After Effects 2D animation.

Type Builder — After Effects & Premiere Pro plugin for creating text animation & kinetic typography.

HiTech HUD Builder – After Effects plugin with professionally designed HUD elements (infographics, holograms, etc) for creating Hollywood level HUD projects.

Download the FREE Motion Factory Classic toolkit now to take advantage of all of these powerful motion design tools and plugins.

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  1. I have installed free package motion factory why is it asking me to signup? and then tell me to go for premium package

  2. I have AE 2020 and Trapcode particular. The fire elements dont load. I always get the error "something went wrong" like whats the point of downloading some 3g file to just get an error. Its a good plugin but arrangements and coding seem to be an issue.

  3. i bought the full particle builder add on and have the mgf downloaded, it says to add it to motion factory just drag and drop the files into it. wont let me nor will it let me install from file…

  4. Buy this plugin, but when choosing some animations the clips appear disconnected in motion factory HiTech Builder. I feel disappointed, since I need a quick solution for my work.


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